Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rapier Con around the corner!

I am running two games at Rapier Con 2010 this year with the Jacksonville Garrison, When the Navy Walked demos all day Friday and The Case of the Curious Cephalopods.  The WTNW demos will be a series of battles from the up-coming books I am writing and will feature some not-yet-released rules on the Martians and the Overlords.  The following will be represented:
- Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Air Pirates, Atlantians, Red Martians, Overlords...

The Rugged Adventures game will feature the following leagues in Morristown Penn as the aliens begin to slam into the earth in UFOs and cylinders:
- Brent Harris, Football Jock and Homecoming King
- Donna L. Peterson, Highschool Cheerleader and Homecoming Queen
-Doc, Movie Enthusiast with a hidden past and his sidekick Scrappy
-Sgt. Frank Carrier, Morristown's finest and his deputy Private Duey
- The Evil Dr. Katana
- Cultists of the UFO and their Alien dogs
- Gray Scientist and Grays
- Cue, from the Dark City
- Martians lead by "Your Leader"
- Lt Archer and the Rocket Corp MIB Division a host of Morristown residents and some other surprises!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All the Kings Men

Today up at the Garrison meeting we played a 54mm game with toy soliders called "All the Kings Men".  This game is made by Ken over at ATKM and it takes a toy solider approach to wargaming.  The units all have the same movement depending on the type of formation that you are in.  Each unit has three opportunities to activate during the game.  The unit's conditions move from Green to Yellow to Red to Disordered.  The game is played by using cards for initative.  Both the card color and the card face or number matter.  In our case we were Hessians against Americans in an AWI game.  I forget what the battle was that Edgar said but I know it was an actual battle (or part of it) that we played. 

I got the artillery, a small 3" gun or so and a unit of regulars and my compatriot played with sharpshooters and grenadiers.  Unfortunately, my artillery battery was destroyed before I could even run to the gun to man it with my crew but my regular unit was able to defeat the American unit that took out the gun and help take out another unit with the sharpshooters help.

Poor Washington kept getting low cards which forced him to select units not to activate that turn and then when he did get to go he was attacking our units up against walls and in cover. Edgar and Jamie, the GMs stated that this was the first time that the Hessians had beat the Americans in the scenario.  I had a lot of fun.  My daughter rolled fives and sixes consistently and Brent and John took it on the chin as one of their units kept being delayed. 

Check out ATKM!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Against the Heroes - Stealing the Crates

This week's game featured a stow-away aboard the ship (played by Step, Al's girlfriend) who's mission was to find Nestie the Assimar and get the star rock from her and bring it to her drow patron.  The party captured the ship and sailed into the river Tesh where they were met by Elves who tried to stop them with a ballista and archers.  They were able to defeat the archers and sailed away towards the Moonsea.  Unfortunately, they were heading the wrong way so they had to turn around and were ambushed at night by a pack of blue sharks being controlled by a group of Saughaun.  The party began to drown and several were knocked unconcious by the ship as it capsized.  A hard battle ensued underwater between the fish-men and the party.  Unfortunately, two party members who were rescued at the last minute died as a result of shock from the sharks and the water.  The wizard died when a shark jumped out of the water and bit her in half.  They were able to save two of the eight crates.  The shark ate the crate with the moon stone and the saughaun were able to get away with the others. 

Since this is an evil game we decided to go ahead and use a bit of DM fiat because they wanted to try another set of characters.  I am still learning Pathfinder and I found the underwater combat and drowning rules to be about the same as 3.5.  I enjoyed running tonight's game.  Both of the other players are making Tieflings.

RIP Elation, Drow Mage and Deadeye, 1/2 Orc Rogue

Ships by arsenale shipworks
Maps by Scrying Eye Games and Piazo

Rise of the Fallen Star - Recovery of the crates

Last Tuesday the good guys fought their way into the dragon's cave to recover the Zhent crates.  They were each given a small command by Lord Brannon of Highmoon. They battled their way into the cave and fought off gnolls, bugbears, Zhent guards and Thayan vampires!  In the end, they were able to defeat the small army but the vampire mage Tuen got away when he turned into mist and disappeared into the cracks in the wall.

Full Thrust Game

About a week ago my dad and I played a game of Full Thrust here at the house.  He played his United Nations Space Command and I played my Martians.  In the end, he won but I put up quite a nice fight.  I destroyed a few of his captial ships and he destroyed both of my saucers.  It was a decisive victory.

Monday, May 17, 2010

WTNW Demo at Rapier 2010!

I will be demoing When the Navy Walked at Rapier 2010 this year all day Friday, June 4th from 12 noon until the doors close.  This is a great time to come out and check out the new VSF rules that have been released.  If you like VSF and science fiction come on up and I'll be more than happy to run you through the game.  In addition, we will be playing several of the missions of the book and upcoming Air Pirates & Inner Earth supplement.

Check us out at Rapier!

Armies Available at the demo!

British Northern Colonial Army
British African Expeditionary Army
German Kleindeutschland Corps
Spanish Conquest Army
Air Pirate Charter Force
Atlantian SteamLance Group
Red Martian Tribal War Band
Gray Invasion Force
Overlord Control Syndicate
...and more!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

When the Navy Walked - Core Rules Released!

When the Navy Walked is a miniature rules set that covers an alternate history from the 1872 Victorian era to the 1909 Edwardian Industrial Age.  It is a springboard for imagination and a high-level game of tactics and battles set amongst the 'what if' world inspired by the classic authors of Victorian Science Fiction and Retro Science Fiction.  

In WTNW players take the reins of generals and command massive armies of steam driven behemoths.  In the end, the thunder that cascades across the battlefield to settle in the souls of the fighting men will only be assuaged with the assistance of the landship.
This is the first in a series of books that will outline the story and history behind this alternate Earth, its culture and the rules for fighting massive battles.  In future supplements players will have the opportunity to play through various alternate historical scenarios including the colonial colonization of Africa and the deep dark folds of the Aether.  So grab your goggles and your Aethertech and get ready for a good time filled with steam and adventure!

WTNW is available from WarGameVault now!

After some marketing research we've lowered our price to 15.00!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Against the Heroes

Ran our biweekly non-good game tonight Against the Heroes in which the characters had to find some Zhent cargo, steal it and bring it to a hidden location in Deeping Dale for later use. The players had to get through some very devious traps and even defeat a bunch of scurvy pirates and a basalisk.  We used dnd miniatures, ships from Jim's Arsenale Shipworks and my buddy James' tiles from Scrying Eye Games.  I cannot say enough about how nice these customizable tiles are.  I usually use Piazo but this weekend at the convention I was hooked on the Scrying Eye stuff and became an offical demo rep for him.  Check out his stuff at now for the pictures!