Thursday, December 16, 2010

Your Favorite Game

I try to do this every year to get an idea of what people are playing out there. We all have our favorites from wargaming to roleplaying.  What's your favorite game?  What makes it your favorite?  Is it the rules or the concept?  Is it the setting?  What is it that makes it special for you? Bonus points for anyone that says that When The Navy Walked is their favorite steampunk game ;) You can break it out by category if you want or just list them in your order of preference.


  1. You know me, I'm down with the Storyteller system these days. I really like the way it encourages dramatic play, character development and the exploration of themes and mood.

    But what I really want under my tree is a copy of "When The Navy Walked."

  2. For roleplaying we're on a big FATE kick lately, and I love it, it handles any genre superbly and really gets all the players involved around the table.

    It's sad but the group's been scattered this holiday season, so no one tabletop game sticks out. Maybe Strange Aeons, that's got a surprising amount of juice under the hood.

    Last, I'll throw a shout out for Dominion, which is a brilliant game. It a non-collectible card game mind you, but it's got infinite replay value.

  3. @ Christian - I love the storyteller system and used to run old world of darkness all the time. I am with you as I feel that the flavor of the game is well balanced in the mechanics of the game though the idea of adding dice pools together. I have been considering doing some characters and story for WOD and putting them up on my blog. We did a variant of Shadowrun WOD called World of Future Darkness a while back. I may resurrect that on the forum. I may use something like that in the RPG version of WTNW.

    If you really want WTNW since you are fast becoming one of my favorite bloggers I might just send you one for Christmas.

    @Gyro - I have never played FATE. If you would like to tell me more about it I'd be keen to listen. As far as CCGs go I used to get into magic and the other stuff pretty heavy but haven't played them lately. Another cardboard crack addition maybe just what the doctor ordered. Pray tell what is Dominion if not a CCG?

  4. The game I have played the most lately is Iron Ivans Disposable Heroes, using my 1920's Warlord Chinese in a pulp campaign against by buddies various forces.
    I play various Games Workshop games but lately it has mostly been painting the figures and not playing.

    My VSF games of choice are the Space 1889/Sky Galleons of Mars/Soldiers's Companion. My most memorable VSF campaign was a series of battles using the Soldier's Companion. The basic premise of the campaign was The French Foreign Legion on Venus. I played a lizardman army backed by the Germans against my friend's French interlopers. We had a lot of fun and posted a bunch on a now defunct local forum, until one of the mods deleted the thread as inappropate for historical war gaming. This is one of the reasons I started my own blog.

    I have been keeping up with WTNW. If I can get a couple in my gaming club interested I will give it a try.

    A couple other games I am interested in are War Rocket from Hydra Miniatures and the new Dystopian War miniatures from Spartan games. I haven't played either yet but I am thinking about getting the figures whether I play them or not.

  5. @ ColKilgore - I hate it when they do that. "It's not historical" NO kidding! I have not yet played Disposable Heroes but I Have heard a lot about it as well. Your campaign sounds fun with the Soldiers Companion (IIRC you HAD to have that with Sky Galleons or you didnt use ground forces) the Lizardmen and Germans versus the FFL sound great. I'm of course adding dinosaurs to my Venus version. GOtta have dinos on Venus. I have a reason they are there too. :D

    If there is anything that I can do to help your club with supporting WTNW let me know and I"ll be happy to help.

    I am probably going to get into DW myself but I think that their minis will work with WTNW when I want to use ground forces too!