Tuesday, December 7, 2010

WTNW - Fiction

The more I get asked questions about the world of WTNW and the more I respond with short narratives the more I think that there may be some short stories and who knows what else in line for the world of WTNW.  I hope you enjoy this brief description of the Balee which will appear in the Conflict on Mars supplement.

Also I've added an optional rule for Alternate Command Points in the game.  This rule would supersede the way that Command Points are generated in the game and although it changes the nature of the game only slightly it does speed up the calculation of Command Points as the amount of command points necessary is drastically reduced and not based on the Command value of a unit.


The shaggy wolf-snouted beastman sat on his elephantine mount Zkor the motion of the beast lulling him into a light snooze.  Behind the beastman his companion sat dressed in traditional garb of long boots tucked into black leather breeches his billowy natural muslin shirt buttoned up only about half the length to the parting in the red woolen vest with checker board patterns.  He grinned, his features lighting up as he looked at his sleeping companion.  "Hey wake up L'Kor you know you cannot sleep on the Ride.  I did not figure you for the brains of a Yah-Kor but you seem to thing it is a good time for a snooze."  He poked the larger man with the rifle butt of his scythed musket-weapon and chucked as he drew blood from the man's back.  The blood pooled into the vest clotting very quickly as was normal for the resilient Balee.  Hardly noticing his companion L'Kor nodded his features forming a grimace "Boring that's what this is.  We need to be in Ikor before noon to surprise the Arabs." 

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