Tuesday, December 28, 2010

WTNW- Design Your Own Capital Unit Contest!

That's right we're having a contest to see who designs the coolest most Victorian landship or airship. All you have to do to win is to send in a sketch of your idea along with a description. Whoever we like the best will win a free copy of the core book when it is released and will instantly get a copy of the pdf! Your concept will be included and featured in the upcoming Airpirates supplement. Please send submissions to cronickain@gmail.com and good luck! Contest runs until January 21st.

Editor's update: In addition to the WTNW Core rule book you will also recieve a copy of the Airpirates supplement!

Disclaimer: By submitting your design you agree to allow The ArmChair General to use copies of the submitted material for future works. You will be credited with the design.

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