Friday, December 3, 2010


At long last.  After a year of everyone putting their hard work into it the When the Navy Walked Core II final edition is done!!! There is a color and a black and white pdf that I will be putting up for download on Wargamevault soon.  In addition, BOTH the color and the b&w versions will be available for print on demand thanks to the efforts of our illustrious graphics layout guru!  The final version of WTNW Core II features stunning original artwork by Eli Arndt and Arsenale Shipworks, full color photo spreads of VSF games in progress, a full 10 army lists depicting all of the great powers (except Japan), Quick Reference and Command Point Expenditure sheets, alphabetized Edges and Flaws and the History of the When the Navy Walked alternate Earth setting!  

I will be uploading the final versions to Wargamevault this weekend and the print on demand titles following me running a final test copy of the print on demand version from the publisher.  A big thank you to Joey, J, Eli, Dave, Don, Howard, John, Shawn, Brent, Jeremy, Darby, Frank, Jim and the rest of you who helped Armchairgeneral take off from the pages of an Excel document to this quick and clunky (on purpose it's VSF after all!) rules set that gets the feeling of Victorian Science Fiction for large scale gaming!

Now on to Mars and the Airpirates!!!!

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