Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WTNW - Conflict on Mars Scenarios

We have some exciting news here at ACG!

There will be two versions of the book available for download from the wargamevault site, one black and white giving the game a more rustic look and one color version. The color version will also be available as a print-on-demand!  Both versions feature the full rules and original artwork Quick Reference Charts and Army Turn Tracker charts to maintain your command point expenditures.  This final version of the Core II rules has 10 army lists including Two British, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, French, CSA, USA and the Turks!  It also includes the army build system and a blank army roster that you can photocopy at the back of the book.

I just finished writing the Conflict on Mars scenarios that will be part of the campaigns in the book. The scenarios cover various aspects of the history detailed in the fluff in the beginning of the book. The scenarios feature meeting engagements, ambushes, riots, territorial disputes and a few surprises in between!  Each scenario features new army lists specific for the scenario.  This is in addition to the army lists that will be provided in the back of the book.

I am proud to announce that there will be a crossover Pulp Ally / When the Navy Walked scenario book that will be available exclusively from ArmChairGeneral.  In addition to the Pulp Alley crossover which features pulp action  in small teams we are developing a skirmish variant of the rules that utilizes some of the mechanics but on a smaller scale than the Core II book.  I thank you for your patronage and have a happy and safe Christmas and Holidays and a great New Year.

Once again thank you to everyone that is part of the Armchairgeneral team.

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