Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nightlord Saga - Against the Heroes and their wonderful flying machine

So yeah I gave the Against the Heroes crew an airship. To be more precise the npc patron Dhampire named Galin gave the Against the Heroes crew an airship.  Now Match, sorry CAPTAIN Match and his trusty tiefling friend Talzia have the ability to take the game to an entirely new level.  Airpirates!

Sure I had initially intended the airship as a cool means for transportation and not much else but hey the players took it, obtained crew for it, armed it with a few ballista and christened it "The Reckless B***" Now they have a nifty flying airship about the size of a schooner and we have whole new ways to adventure.

In the latest game the players were given the task of ferreting out some nasty do-gooders that were supposedly trained by the great meddlesome Elminster himself somewhere in Shadowdale.  So off they went... only they decided to take a detour outside of Teshmyrride and attack the small town of Boxy.  Ok, so they decided NOT to attack it but they landed outside of it which did damage their ship some as the river they landed in was nothing more than a glorified stream.

While inside the town they met and befriended a pair of strange halflings by the name of Tipsy and Spinner Fishbone who were both owners of a Lumber Mill and carpenters by trade.  Since they needed a lot of repair work on their ship they decided to hire on the two to do the work of collecting the needed materials for the repair and maybe overseeing some of the repair.

Ah I almost forgot!  Before hand Don, the player of the gnomish wizard summoner lover of all things clockwork named Thaddius Watt decided to give the rules for Extras a try and played a succubus.  The succubus, whos name was Malcontent was sent by Ertu himself to make sure that the party was on the right course and to keep an eye on Thaddius and Taliza.  The succubus disguised as a Moon Elf using her innate magical abilities and Match went into the town.

While in town they met some of the heroes they were supposed to take on...  After a very interesting but brief exchange of words followed by an arrow appearing out of nowhere inside Malcontent the paladin Arloc the Revered slew the succubus...  The Extra rules worked well enough but need some refining.

Then Match quickly began to spin a tale how he did not know the succubus all that well and did not know she was a succubus.  Thinking that Arloc bought the ruse Match quickly headed back to his ship where repairs were already underway.  While there Tipsy and Spinner divulged the fact that they are Hands and Eyes of Vecna and are interested in traveling with the crew.  Spinner turned out to be an old shipwright.

Another battle in which the party escaped into the sky on their airship while the heroes attacked them from below with a very large following left the crew of the Reckless B*** feeling very at odds with their chances of taking on such a brute force.  Then the stone lit up and Galin commanded they return to Daggerdale...

On the way back Lenny was hung overboard to catch birds for Shar the panther (maybe more) that has been following Shadow since he arrived at the Dancing Nymph.  Taliza and Shar throughly enjoyed themselves and Malaki an acolyte of Loviatar enjoyed cutting the rope and watching Lenny almost fall to his demise.  Lenny, to the surprise of his mistress Inquisitor Matilda preformed admirably having brought up three birds he was given permission to flagellate himself.

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