Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mountains out of Molehills or Reason 12,231 why custom is better

Since my last post on custom terrain was well received I decided to share what my friend Dr Dwight Jones of Dr Jones and Mr Hyde terrain made for me this year.  I went to my FLGS Friday night and picked it up.  I commissioned him to make this for me and of course he built exactly what I asked for. It is sectional for easy storage. The hill has a cave on each of the four sections. There are over twenty levels to this thing! This is a hill which I can do Hamburger Hill and many other battles upon.

A big thank you to you Dr Jones and a Merry Christmas to your family sir!  I look foward to kicking your butt on this hill in the coming year!

Jack and Jill and Susan

Check out the guy calling to the gorilla with the bananas...

The girls watch as their guy prepares to be eaten

It is almost four feet wide by a little under a foot high!

There are rumors that this hill was an old Lizardman Zigguraut

Joe Vs the Volcano in minature!


  1. That's a beauty. The steps are very subtle and the outcroppings really do stand out! I love how tall and broad it is.

  2. All exterior to this massive hill correct ? No interior aspects to it ?

  3. @ Porky - Thanks! I like it a lot myself and am eager to use it.

    @JMezz - No interior. I did not ask for any although the offer has been made for me to pick up another nice big hill that is made in two sections and has a nice cave system inside with blue LED for cave crystals.

  4. That second hill sounds like a lot of fun. Good idea!