Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Minis, Minis, who's got the best Minis?

From Reaper, Blue Moon, WoTC, Irregular, Liberation, Old Glory, Khurasan and Britannia to Pulp Figures, Copplestone, Mage Knight, Hero Scape, Games Workshop and Magnificent Egos there sure are a lot of choices out there for miniatures!  I personally have a variety of them and I'll bet my best D20 that most of you have a collection of them yourselves.

Miniatures. We use them in a variety of ways from showing that lovable NPC to setting up fire teams or battalions of Young Guard. Sometimes we use toys like my walkers which are Burger King versions of the Wild Wild West toy, sometimes we use a proxy "Guys I know this looks like a beholder but it is really an Umberhulk." and sometimes we have to have it because it's cool and we want it.  Who says this isn't an addition?  

Miniatures. What's your favorite and why do you like it so much? 

Lastly, what is on your wish list this year? Are you wanting anything special or specific for Christmas this year from Santa?


  1. Too many to choose from! Favourites for me are the ones I can shape most, but also the ones I would never think to shape in the way they have been. I need new and imaginative ideas made real!

  2. Tough choice for favorites. I grew up on Minifigs American Civil War miniatures and then moved on to Old Glory, which is still my favorite. They really have some great sculpts, especially in the 15mm category. I've also been a fan of Ral Partha and Grenadier for fantasy RPG figs.

    Some newer companies that have really caught my eye are Splintered Light's fantasy line, Khurasan's fantasy and historicals, and Rebel Minis sci-fi series.

  3. @Porky - I agree! There are so many miniatures out there. What do you mean by shape? Do you mean convert?

    @Atom - Ah Minifigs ACW. I also have some Stone Mountain and Dixon figures for that period. For a few years there I was getting the Old Glory figures. I always loved getting my figure in the mail each month from my pop's subscription of Old Glory. The Old Glory Pirates were really well done. I agree with you on Khurasan's miniatures. I am thinking about picking up some of their bug line to reinforce some of my Venusians.

  4. Yep, I mean convert. It seems to me right that if we imagine so much of what makes a game, we carry this over to the models and rework them to fit our interpretation. I'm not especially good at it, but I love to try!

    Converting a whole army would be no easy project - something only for the patient and dedicated - but roleplayers and skirmish gamers could quite easily convert everything as a matter of course, even if only in small and relatively superficial ways.

  5. @Porky - I like to change out arms, legs, heads and weapon bits and use bits of green stuff to model extra pieces. My favorite conversion project was my nids years ago. BTW Porky would you like to do a review of WTNW?

  6. I'd be happy to do one, but I don't know anywhere near enough about it at the moment. I'd need to see some rules and background of course, plus anything else you can point me in the direction of that links up. The other issue is the fact that I don't play so many games these days, so discussion of the mechanics will be a little lacking in terms of context. If that's fine, I'm in.

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