Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Gaming Day of the Year - Modern Microarmor

Yesterday was the final gaming event of the year for me and I went all out. I went over to my buddy Chris' house for some military and microarmor discussion and then we headed down the street to Dwight's place to play microarmor and later Johnny Reb. 
German Deployment

US Depoloyment

The Microarmor game was a blast. We played a modern engagement featuring a company of US Army M2A2 Bradleys and M1A2 Abrams versus a company of German Marder 1 A3/ A5 and Leopard II A 4. Our missions were complete annihilation of the other side. I played the American side and Dwight played the German side. The rules we used were Chris' modification of Command Decision and Combined Arms. We did shooting and moving in centimeters.
M2A2 Bradley Convoy

Kill Zone
Chris allowed us to setup our recon vehicles out two feet in forward observation of the enemy while we brought on one tank and one IVF platoon each. The first round I attempted to take cover in the forward woods with my tank platoon and pushed my APCs to the left. Dwight decided to deploy his tanks to the far right of the board and the apcs directly behind in the large woods.

Turn two I deployed my second tank platoon in the woods to the right to meet the resistance from the German tanks. I failed my spotting check but Dwight made his and spotted my tanks as they deployed.

Ill Fated M1A2 Charge

Turn two had me making the woods and Dwight pushing further into the large woods with his tanks where he setup his tanks. I missed a spotting roll which was to be one of the deciding factors of the game as he deployed his Leopards in an advantageous position to cover the narrow corridor between the woods.


Unfortunately, my first M1A2 platoon had to cross that corridor. I attempted once again to use my recon to find Dwight's tanks but I kept rolling just over what I needed to spot. The entire game was like this. I kept rolling just badly enough to keep from getting my desired result. You win some and lose some I guess. Anyway, the M1A2s probably should have redeployed into the woods at the left instead of attempting the charge but I felt like Patton - and was rewarded like Pickett.

By turn three the M1A2s were toast and the Bradleys were taking pot shots at the German tanks. I was able to knock out two with my TOWs. Turn three also had us deploying the remainder of the both the tank and IFV companies and Dwight had me locked up tight in the center woods as he began to deploy his wall of death. Oh how I wished we were using arty at that time...

Once turn four hit I was ready to call the game but I say never surrender so we played it out for two more turns trading shots with TOWs and tank main guns. I kept rolling 'above average'. I needed fours and kept rolling well above it. The game was fun and it was a decisive victory for the Germans after the XO and CO tanks were destroyed and the entire company had to disengage after one more failed die roll.

I think I played rather well but we did not use artillery so we were able to mass our vehicles together and that proved my undoing in the end when coupled with my luck. I had a lot of fun and it was good times. For those of you who have never played Dwight in any game, understand that he is a very good gamer and tends to win most of the games he plays. I too enjoy winning most of the games I play except when I play Dwight. He has me now this year by my winning score of four to his ten games but at least I've won just under half.

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