Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Gaming Day of the Year - American Civil War

Yesterday after the modern microarmor game was played and we haggled over some more terrain prices we setup for the ACW game featuring the Johnny Reb II rules. No we do not use Johnny Reb III because we're old school ACWers (or so I am told).

 The house rule is that each side picks from a stack of Dwight's business cards on which he has written things like +100 men, Very Heavy Gun, -200 men, +repeaters, and Green Troops. This randomizes the game and allows both sides to get specials to their divisions without the other side knowing what they have. I particularly really enjoy this because we never know what we're going to get. I got a 24lb James and as I was to find out later on Dwight got Elite Repeaters...

The objective of the game was the Church and John and I played US while Dwight and Chris played CSA. John took two divisions and set them up at the center right of the table and to the far right in the hopes of taking the church. I deployed my division with two regiments in skirmish  to the left of the table- my sharpshooters and a normal regiment. These I move directly to the woods and behind them in extended line I move two more regiments. My Division commander was with the sharpshooters and the  Brigade commander was supporting the regiment directly behind the sharpshooters.

I moved a regiment in skirmish to screen my 24# James so it could get to the woods and unlimber as I was being shot at by Dwight's 20# from the other side of the table. (Sound familiar? I thought so too). Luckily I was able to make all my saves on 1-4 in the woods.

Over the next few turns Dwight's sharpshooters and mine slugged it out in the woods and I played my hand perfectly until I got over aggressive and used the First Fire command on my sharpshooters. Oh I wiped out his sharpshooters and they were down to only a single figure and were shaken but his two regiments behind the sharpshooters moved up since I had shot first and proceeded to open a can of CSA repeating rifles on my poor sharpshooter regiment. I got some nice shots off but unfortunately my rolls were very similar to what I rolled in microarmor earlier in the day.

For some reason though I did keep making my saving throws and my morale checks. After two turns of the punishment from this one stupid move I had about all I could take of gaming for the day and decided to disengage most of my forces and screen them with a half regiment that had been trounced by his repeaters and a full regiment that still had to fire. I got off one final round on Dwight's regiment before turn five or so and we called the game. I had held my objective but was pushed back behind the lines of John's forces which resulted in a victory for the CSA.

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