Friday, December 10, 2010

DM Advice - Sharing the Loot

The cobweb-infested tomb was deserted of all living inhabitants and was now completely devoid of anything that moved - the party having recently slain the undead inhabitants. Jangle the Thief looked up at the moss-covered engraved golden columns that decorated the room.  Pausing before a large overly decorated flagstone he motioned for the others to stand back. 

Sensing danger, Grimblade the Fighter unsheathed his blade and Faststep the Monk pulled his hands from his pockets. “I think we should keep an eye out for other undead.” The voice belonged to their female companion Firefingers the Wizard who for some reason always smelled of bat guano.  “This is the tomb of Neverdying the Lich King after all and his sidekick Killcrush the Antipaladin ghost.” 

Faststep shook his head nodding “I’m with Firefingers on this one guys. Hey I’m glad you guys gave me the flaming hand wraps since none of you could use them but we really need to be wary of what we cannot see.” He moved behind the pillars standing just to the side of Grimblade.

“My point exactly!” a small voice belonging to Halfpint the Cleric as he called upon the powers of his Deity Halfwit the Tiny summoning protection against evil.  “This should keep them at bay. Just do not step outside of the circle.” The little person made a circle around his friends with some sweet smelling powder that reminded them of sugar.  “What are you supposed to be some kind of halfing candy maker?”  Jangle the Thief chuckled.  

“Stow it boys!” Firefingers commanded.

Suddenly a mist arose from where Jangle the Thief was disabling the trapped flagstone and Grimblade swung at the air. “Guys, it’s here!” A spectral claw reached out and swiped at the fighter who barely dodged the blow. “Who are you who DARES defile the tomb of Neverdying!” It was not a question. “You shall rue the day you entered my tomb” “Oh yeah,” Firefingers the Wizard chided, “You shall rue the day you used the word rue to the Party of Us Heroes!” The mist stopped and an expression of almost childlike innocence appeared on its façade. “You really are calling yourselves that?”

“Blast him!” Firefingers the Wizard shouted as the companions reached for their magical items. 
…Later after the villainous Neverdying the Lich was defeated by the flaming handwraps of Faststep the Monk…

“Gee it really is a good thing you guys did not sell those flaming  handwraps guys…”

To give credit where credit’s due I got the idea for this article from Christian’s blog destination unknown.  He shared a story where he was out surfing waiting for a wave and instead of taking one; he decided to share it with the next person that was out there.  They both caught the wave and then they chatted a bit.  He says that he found it was better to share with someone than to keep it to himself.

I started thinking about how this could affect games.  As a DM I find that my groups tend to pull all treasure together in a kitty to be divvied up and shared with the group.  As in the above example, you can see how a party could be affected by not sharing treasure that is found.  Every one of us is in the game to have a good time.  Some of us enjoy collecting treasure and keeping it and there is nothing wrong with that but look at what happens when you share.  Remember that next time you face Neverdying the Lich Lord with your crew.


  1. I love that everyone is so into sharing. So many times I've seen players hoard items they didn't need because they hoped to sell it later on.

    Game on!!!

  2. Thanks man it was your post that inspired this article. Granted it is not heavy on DM tips but it does get the message across I think. I've actually had this exact scenario played out in the games I've ran and participated in before. It's funny because sharing the loot can oftentimes mean life and death in a party. Sometimes I guess people do not consider that the DM may be giving specific items to the party for specific reasons.

  3. I love this picture, I wanna say Almarna, I just can\t remember the name of the egyptian tomb at the moment.

  4. Not sure of the exact spot but it is very much like the description. I loved all the images on the remake of the Mummy that they did with Brandon Fraiser.