Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Christmas Presents

This year for Christmas I picked up several mats for my collection of batte mats. The flip mats were picked up at the Paizo Cyber Monday sale the day after Thanksgiving and so I count those as Christmas gifts. The army and the other mats were picked up in December and are also Christmas presents.  The snow/urban sci fi army is for Tomorrow's War demos for next year. The ArmChair General will be hosting Ambush Alley Games and WTNW at conventions in Florida and Georgia all next year!

First up are the flip mats for the Caravan and the Slums.  The Caravan is my favorite one of these because there are always times where I need to put a wagon together.  The caravan features a full wagon train and several other goodies.  The Slums package is a lot of fun and includes some really nice places for PCs to be ambushed.  Of course neither set is fully interchangeable and like all the map packs they only go together a few ways.

Next we have the Darklands, the Desert and the City.  The Darklands and the Desert were both picked up on Cyber Monday. I wanted another nice cave system and I liked the large cavern that is featured on the back of the Darklands flip mat so I got it.  I liked the desert flip mat and I think it works well with Scrying Eye Game's Desert Tiles for battles on Athas or even Dune!  I picked up the desert packages because I want to do some desert gaming and I also know that I will need some nice desert tiles to use for the Sea Bottom when we start developing the RPG for WTNW. 


This is the Wilderness box set for the D&D tiles. Again, like the other D&D tiles sets many of these tiles are the same ones from previous tile packs.  WOTC did put some exclusives in the package though as far as I can tell.  The City flip mat is really very nice and intricate and the package states that it works with the shops map pack.  I have not tested this out yet as all of these flip mats are still in shrink wrap.

Here is the latest of the rolled up battle maps from WOTC and Gale Force Nine. Together they have made the desert of Athas come to life in tan and dark brown beauty. This is a very pretty map though I am a bit at a loss for why they put a permanent silt storm at the top right of the map. "Yep sorry guys but you will ALWAYS have a silt storm at the front or just behind your party.

Here they are, the white painted army for Tomorrow's War.  I now have a green army from GZG and this cool white army.  I am not sure of the figures though I suspect that the infantry are Liberation Miniatures.  I picked this up from a nice chap on the AAG Forum.  If you are around there look up Watchtower78, that's me, and I'll get you in touch with the gentleman that did these for me. Next year I need to come up with a name for these guys and the green guys too.

We saw the movie Tron last night. It was nice getting away from the kiddos for the evening and it was nice to get out with my wife. This morning my kids were playing with their megablocks and My daughter had started making something really cool.  I thought that if I gave it legs and did some modification I could get it to look like the extractor from the movie. Tron was good but not as good at the original. The special effects were great. This isn't a movie review blog though so I will leave that up to the movie review pros. Check out Movie Crypt for reviews on movies!


  1. Those mats are fabulous. I've never really looked at GZG, but I could certainly find uses for those of their models they show on the website.

    Good scratchbuild at the end. I see it!