Friday, November 19, 2010

You Scored a Crit!

Christopher over at A Rust Monster Ate my Sword posted this in his blog.  He did a good review of a really cool D20 that actually has a LED inside it that flashes red when someone rolls a 20.  He says that the D20 actually rolls accurately and does as advertised!  It currently sells for $9.99 US and is available at Think Geek.

He also reviewed that nifty wi-fi shirt that has an LED inside it that shows the 802.11 wifi signal strength.  The problem with it he says is that it is bulky and stands out over the shirt itself which is useless without the LED patch.  The other thing he says is that the battery pack is not at all small.  I told him that it would be cool to see a Big Bang Theory Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock shirt that flashed the images on the shirt but having to carry a Star Trek the Original Series sized tricorder around to power the thing wouldn't at all be fun.

Christopher also has other interesting articles over on his blog so check it out!

In all it's glory...

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