Monday, November 1, 2010

WTNW New Layout!

Joey Caso, our layout guy for WTNW and Armchairgeneral products has recently sent me a really cool template for the layout featuring a steam,cog contraption border that is spot on Victorian science fiction!  Also we are in the process of making a few slight changes to help clarify the rules and adding a few pictures of art.  These changes will not change how game play works but it will help clarify some of the more vague points in the rules.  As always, because we care about our members and because it's what I'd want if I were a customer, if you email me at with your confirmation of purchase of the original WTNW Core II rules or earlier versions I will be more than happy to send you a free upgrade at no additional cost!

In addition, we are feverishly working on WtnW: Conflict on Mars! and there are lots of new developments in the rules coming out of this supplement! If you have not checked out Core Rules II yet and are interested in doing massive combat Victorian Science Fiction I encourage you to check out the game.  Although the $10.00 sale at wargamevault has ended we have priced the pdf for only $12!  We are also working on getting the books ready for print on demand so that you will have the ability to purchase printed copy versions of the book!

We will also be doing a Skirmish game that does not utilize the system from WTNW and will have its own mechanics but will use the same setting.  The RPG is still in the works but has been put on the very back burner for now.

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