Monday, November 22, 2010

Turkey Day Gaming

Turkey - check, Ham - check, sodas - check, yams - check, family and friends - check, minis and dice... I don't know about you but I am hoping to get some gaming in over the Thanksgiving weekend. Since my bud Ray will be over I am hoping maybe Friday to do some Warengine and over the weekend maybe some VSF using WTNW.  If I have time I wouldn't mind trying out some of the new playtest rules for Tomorrow's War!  If nothing else though I'd like to get the insulation up in my game room and get it ready for the mini-split to be installed so that we can game out there in the summer!

So is anyone else gaming over Turkey Day weekend?  If so are you checking out Tomorrow's War or some other new game or playing an old standby?  What are your plans?


  1. We don´t have thanks giving over here...but even if we did..I´d probably spend most of it painting :-)
    Have a good n

  2. Isn't that house/ufo in Chattanooga?

  3. We don't have Turkey day either. Do you get presents on Turkey Day?

  4. Where's my invitation - Lost in the Snail mail no doubt - LOL. No gaming over Turkey day that I know of - Atlanta is not conducive to travel holiday gaming - Just a bumming around weekend - although I did get in 8 hours of Napoleonic skirmish wargaming the other day. Playtesting a Pirates scenario in December for Siege of Augusta 20 convention in January 2011. It chicken thursday - since its just mum and me for the holidays.