Wednesday, November 24, 2010

RotFS - The Darkness in the Mines

Last night Baronet Lavindra and her companions DD and Leah went into the dungeon and mines underneath the keep which they are renovating for war against the Nightlord and his factions.  As they descended past the Kobold tribe and into the third level of the mines they encountered a strange inky darkness that they could not penetrate with even the light of their celestial companion Ezekiel.   They were warned that there may be immature purple worms and other creatures of the darkness below including an opening to the underdark.

Groping around in the darkness they encountered an infestation of spawn maggot creatures that had thick slimy mandibles and attacked with their maw and with a sonic blast effect that sprayed acidic mucus.  After a deadly encounter with one of the beasts DD finds the creature's nests and the first things mate.  

Another maggot creature attacks the party unaware and surprised the party they were beset by an eldrich horror.  The creature looked on at them with madness in its many eyes as the large vertical maw filled with thousands of needle-like teeth gnashed in warning and the creatures four arms that extended from the two appendages at the elbow clawed viciously at the party. The Gug bit and clawed at the group who fought back as best as they could while trying to retain their sanity against the maddening effects of the horror.

DD, Leah and N'Toth summoned magic and their strength to defeat the elrich horror and explored the room beyond. "This must be the Necromancer we heard of" DD said.  Shaking her head Lavindra replied "Look at the body on the bed - wait that's skin - we've seen these boneless things before with the alienists back in Highmoon years ago.  The roof of the cave began to spin almost looking like a starry night as Lavindra began to drift into a sleep....


  1. I posted the podcast of this one under the rise of the fallen stars podcast section. This was the first session we podcasted. I still think we need a multi-directional microphone.

  2. Thanks Atom. I painted it with a base dark green and then went with a lighter slime green before painting on the tan skin tones and finishing with a very light green wash to give it the sickly look that it deserved.