Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Play-By-Post Pathfinder - King Maker Saga

I plan on running a play-by-post game of the King Maker adventures. The game starts adventurers at level 1 and goes to level 20 and is set in the world of Pathfinder. This will be ran on the forum that connects to this website.  Right now I am considering players.  If you are interested click on the Steampunk Goggles to the left of this website and register in the forum and post under the King Maker thread.  The only requirements will be that you are able to make a post about once per week.  Actions will be emailed to me and then I will post the events as they occur in the game.  There will be guidelines for color and font for the different types of posts in the game IE: Actions, speech, etc.  I encourage anyone interested to sign up. This will be a continuation of the old site I used to run called Heldensage (Heroic Stories).  In addition, I am interested in getting other GMs/DMs on the forum to run their own play-by-post games.  Let me know!


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