Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nightlord Saga - Rise of the Fallen Stars & Against the Heroes

This last Tuesday DD learned of her heritage with the Minovar Dungeon and Stoneheel Keep as the keys were handed to her and the keep was granted in a title and rite of land to Lavindra N'Toth.  The party got to start working on some ideas for their keep and delved into the mines to find the kobolds not entirely unplesant.  After a brief skirmish and some heated negotiations they secured a deal with V'llel the lead dragonwrought kobold magic user that the kobolds would guard and maybe mine the gold and silver from the mines.  The party also learned that purple worms and illithids lived in the lower levels of the mines but the mines were cleared about ten years ago by some adventurers hired by Anita Black who defeated a Necromancer and his cultists.
Kobolds Defending their home

The workshop and the portal
The Against the heroes party continued their attack on Goat Island and the tower of Gnarl the Dark the evil Arcmagic Mage Gnome and his metal creations.  A steam titan begins to churn in the workshop as the party watches as Galin's blood is given over to feed the machines.  A battle was waged between two forces of darkness, one of the night and one of steel.  In the end the titan and Gnarl escaped but Galin was rescued and the party was heavily rewarded.  Sadly, Ruby left the group to find other avenues of employement.

Steambots, Thayan Mages and Zhents

Animated Mulhurandi statues of Anubis guard the enterance to the workshop

A cultist of the dragon and an antipalidan fight the party

The titan escapes in to a portal of swirling metal

Stoneheel Keep (Redesign)

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