Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Great Garage/Man-Cave Wargaming Paradise Conversion Project

With the addition of our new daughter Bailey I have given up the office where I used to keep all of my rpg and rule books and where I used to paint.  The painting desk has been moved to our master bedroom and combined with the computer desk and it actually works pretty well.  The books and all gaming stuff with the exception of the paints have been moved out to the garage.  You may have seen my posts in the past with pictures of my 6x12 foot awesome gaming table and the many bookshelves that lines the garage walls.  When I moved in a few years ago I had already planned on using the garage as a gaming room.  With the addition of our daughter this has become more of a reality for me and so I pose to you all my dilemma in how I am able to take my garage and insulate it without making major modifications as I am a renter, albeit I will be a long-term renter.

Here's what I would ideally like to do.
- Insulate the garage walls as they are currently not insulated but do so without adding the actual rolls.  I was thinking maybe I could use the foam board in lieu of the actual insulation.
- Add a mini-split unit to keep the new super gaming room at a constant 80 degrees while I am not in there and 75 or lower when I am in there gaming.
- It has been suggested that I add a dehumidifier or two to the room as Florida heat is horrible but the humidity is what actually kills books.
- Indoor/Outdoor carpet.  I already have a few area rugs in there.
- Add stools as the gaming table is a standing table.

What I am looking for is comments and suggestions as to how you think I might be able to go about doing this.  I am not what you would call a construction guy or super handy but I can swing a hammer and I know a few tricks.  I welcome any thoughts you guys have.  I also welcome the help in converting it.


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  1. First, what city do you live re: the kind of garage construction. Brick, block, adobe, log cabin etc. Second, yes on humidifiers. Third, see the game table designs at http://www.imagineimage.org/articles/Terrain%20and%20Models/TableDesigns.htm

    We have access to many resources and can offer help on this as a model for others to do it.. namely us too.