Sunday, November 21, 2010

CoTS - Drow Abbey

The Abby
The party makes it to Bell and the new member of the party, Whisper makes a deal with Harkon Lucas to get his son Casimar to go back to Harmonia for a Meistersinger contest.  The next day Ariadine is awoken by the flutter of wings which she quickly realizes as the feathers on the wings begin to shimmer and shine and the snake-like head and neck of the Couytl comes into view that it is Aobean.  The wizard runs to her friend Quia who was able to speak with the magical spirit before they entered the Caves of Lost Souls in the Nightmare realm.  After a quick conversation Aobean takes Ariadine and Quia on a fly-by of a nearby Abby Manorhouse where they are greeted by Drow and a Drow Spider High Cleric of Lolth.  They return and are told that the bell needs to ring before the sun(son) can fall and then the darkness will recede.  What this means they do not know..

At breakfast Marcus is poisoned by the wine sold to the bartender of Sundered Heart which the party learns is made by the Drow and is indeed poisoned with dark magics.  The party begin to make plans to attack the Abby.

A nosiy revelation outside reveals two crows who appear to be winging their way back toward the Abby which is just outside of the town.  Kreek and Ariadine take out the crows with well aimed bow and magic missle attacks.  The party decides to make haste to the Abby instead of waiting for the Drow to work up their spells.  Jaraxithis and the other wizards attempt to use their Legend Lore spells and Bardic Knowledge to reveal the legend of the Abby, the Drow and the defenses and weaknesses of their foes.

Our heroes reach the Abby and are attacked by blood red spider creatures and breach the front to fight Drow and Umberhulks....

Fight with the spiders outside the gates

The stables

Grusk sees Drow around the corner

An Umberhulk!

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