Friday, November 5, 2010

ArmchairGeneral will be at Siege of Augusta

Hurray!  It's official, we will be at Siege of Augusta 2011 next year January 21-23rd and we will have our very own table!  We will be demoing our game When the Navy Walked and hope to have copies available for sale!  Come on down to a great little gaming convention in Augusta Georgia.  They have historical gaming as well as some science fiction and Victorian Science Fiction.  We may also have a sneak peek at the upcoming Conflict on Mars! to peruse.

In addition, I will be running some Vietnam demos using the Ambush Valley game rules and might have Pulp Alley in tow provided that I can get with David Phipps in enough time to discuss the arrangements.  Also if you are reading this blog James and want me to carry some Scrying Eye stuff with me up to the con to sell let me know!  The same goes for you Jim as I'd love to have some Airships, etc to sell to the crowd at Siege if you want and/or pirate ships to people as I know there are usually pirate games going on there too!

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