Monday, November 15, 2010

4th Edition DnD - New and Shiny

Over the weekend we went to the mall to allow the kiddos to play and while I was in the mall I checked out Barnes and Nobles.  As I perused my normal Christian, Computer Geek, Graphic Anime Novel-Sci Fi stuff, RPG aisles looking for my favorite books I came to the realization (rather suddenly) that there is a LOT of content out there for D&D4.0!  I mean there's a lot of content out there for something that's really only been out for about two years now.  It got me to thinking and I started to look at the DarkSun campaign book.  As I read the pages my mind began to drift back to the olden days of AD&D when I first played a Thri-kreen and did battle with the Sorcer King armies.  Looking at the new stuff combined with the old stuff made me giddy.

Then something funny happened - I started to flip through the other books including the DMG and the Monster Manual.  While looking in the Monster Manual I saw something that I thought was really cool and it is something that is almost right out of Hackmaster - Monster Lore.  That's right.  Even Goblins have a Monster Lore number and what this means is that the player has to roll their Monster Lore each time they first encounter a monster to see what they know about it's abilities.  Sort of like the scene in How to Train Your Dragon when the little Viking, Hiccup was going through the Book of Dragons and learning about their abilities.

This got me to thinking what's really so bad with D&D4.0 and I continued to read. The game is setup in three tiers that's right the main book goes to level 30! With 1-10 being Heroic, 11-20 being Paragon and 21-30 being Epic.  I had to learn more.

So.. I went home and started to really read the Players Handbook that a buddy gave me and right from the instant I opened it I could see the similarities to the MMORPG but not in a bad way.  I am going to take my time and read the entire Players Handbook and then the DMG before I give this edition the thumbs up for my group but so far I am very excited about the changes in how powers work (At Will, Encounter, Daily, Utility) and how the game allows for flexibility and allows for retraining if you want to change up as you level or if something is not working for you.  You remember retraining from 3.5 PHB2.

Take it or leave it 4.0 has some very nice new features.

I really liked the Eladrin race myself.  What do you think about the game?  Care to compare it to 3.5?


  1. Read your post, but work won't let me comment (bleh).

    4E is not a replacement for 3.5 IMHO. 4E has some great mechanics to it, but it ends up playing a bit TOO differently from D&D for my tastes. I like how many tool are built into it for the DM and the modular nature of the component rules. These are all good.

    It just doesn't feel like D&D when I'm playing it. Characters are far too powerful at low levels and the MMORPG feel of the interface leaves me feeling a bit less tabletop RPG and more CCG.

    "Okay, I'm tapping my antytime ability to cast magic missile"

    I have not played it, just read it and talked a lot about it with my brother who has both run and played in 4E games. According to him, 4E is theb est version of the rules for DMs and I would have to agree. Monsters and encounters are much easier to design and balance than they were and especially compared to 3.5. Also, the modular nature of the rules and the level to which they have been playtested meamns that it is very easy to plug and play different rules components without compromizing the built-in balance of the rules.

    4E is 3.5's little brother. He's hipper, cooler, a little more styling and edgy, but he's also not as deep and mature.

    That help?

  2. Played 3.5 once - it took several hours to work up a character to play. Jeez, any system which suggests you use a computer app to roll your character is just way OTT in my opinion, just like the bad old days of Bushido and Aftermath. Yet once play began, there was little difference from AD&D. Half the stuff we mangaled our brains over didn't get used. Glad I never got rid of my AD&D books :( YMMV

  3. BTW, the above comment posted by Armchair General was from me :). Rob just cut and pasted it because he's too impatient to wait from me to get home from work :)


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  5. I thought it was a mmorpg without the cpu as well but like you I scrolled through the pages and found that sure it has similarity but it is also different it took and improved thing from world of war craft while still being dnd I personally like the idea behind it.

  6. To update whoever is following this thread I've decided to maybe use some of the concepts and ideas from 4th edition but to go ahead and stick with the Pathfinder rules. I just like them better. Still 4th ed isn't all that bad really but it's not as good as pathfinder imho.