Tuesday, October 5, 2010

WTNW Miniature Line Announcement

Announcing the official When the Navy Walked landship and airship builder!

I've been talking with Jim Pozzetta the great gentleman who owns arsenale shipworks and we are going to partner together to do some landships/airships and other models for When the Navy Walked!  This will be an official WTNW miniature line.  I am so excited about this.

What will we offer?  Martian Airships, UFOs, Tripods, Landships (Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships).  Then you can use these models with your normal 15mm Colonial or WW1 armies and easily have enough to play a great game of When the Navy Walked!

We are meeting over the next few weeks to do some planning.  Yes folks he is local, in fact he and I live in the very same city!  If you are not excited about WtNW and the products coming out and you are a fan of Victorian Science Fiction then I encourage you to go download the free Rorke's Drift ruleset from Wargamevault.com by clicking on the banner ad at the top of this blog!

Also don't forget that until the end of October the WtNW Core Rules 2 pdf download is available from Wargamevalt for only $10!  That's a huge price savings compared to the normal 15 USD!

In case you do not know what his incredible ships look like here are some examples.  If you are into ships at all for any reason I encourage you to contact Jim and get some of his ships on his ebay store or contact him via email and work something out!  I already have almost his entire line and I have to say that I've enjoyed using his ships in a variety of ways including RPGs, Pirate Games, Skirmish Scenarios and As a background for Seacoast battles!

Merchant Caravel



Dreadhull Model coming soon!


  1. What's the scale on those boats? I can use a few Dhows in 15mm...)

  2. They work equally well for both 15mm and 28mm imho. The railings may be a bit high for 15mm (the side rails on the ships come up to the head of the smaller 15mm peter pig type figures but if you put a little larger base under the 15mm figures they work wonderfully! I'll show some pics in 15mm later. My daughter Bailey was born early this morning (more detail in post to follow with pics later in the week) :)

  3. I talked with Jim about picking up 4 Dhows, I already have 2 Barbary corsair xebecs, so I'll
    have 2, 3 ship pirate flotillas...that's the plan anyway...)