Thursday, October 21, 2010

WTNW Demo and Brushfire Game

We ran the WTNW game demo for our new landship/airship artist Arsenale Shipworks.  I think Jim really liked the game and he was able to come up with some really great ideas that will help it out in the future when tracking damage on the ships.  The game featured Atlantians, the Gaal (Green Martians), the Germans and the Airpirates.  Their objective was to investigate a downed Overlord ship that had crashed into a nearby town.  They all ignored the objective and immediately set at destroying one another!  In glorious fashion Joey took out the Airpirates using his Gaal Zkor beasts (represented by the Starwars beasts from EP II) and was able to take out most of the Airpirate Infantry.  The Atlantians fared about as well against the Germans which put the game decisively into the hands of the Gaal.  Jim played the Airpirates and his son played the Germans on one side and my dad played the Atlantians and Joey played the Gaal.  I really enjoyed the game and we worked out several rules and got to use the neat airships from Arsenal.

Announcing Joey Caso as our graphics/layout guy!

Also I will be rolling out some neat changes that came about from the game in upcoming supplements for WTNW! Look for them out at

I forgot the camera in my haste to get to the game store so there are no pictures of the game.  I will have to remember to take pics next time.  I did take one pic with the camera phone but unfortunately I have no way of putting it onto the computer..

After the game I was privy to talk with Em and P from On the Lamb who were up from Palm Coast Florida to run demos.  At first we discussed the basic unit tactics but once Edgar arrived we decided to play a game. It was the Weasels versus the Mice (I forget all of the faction names).  The game was a lot of fun and we won.  I got to use the Gopher Engineers to toss dynamite and entrench while Edgar used the Badgers to deadly effect versus the Kangaroo Mice.  I really enjoyed the game and the people at On the Lamb should be well pleased with their Brushfire game!

Be sure to pick up and army builder from Brushfire for only 35 dollars US and pick up a few extras such as the Capabara Hero and Moleon (Napoleon as a Mole)!  The level of detail that they put into the game is nothing short of extraordinary. A big kudos for pointing a fledgling company in the right direction and a big kudos for the really well designed miniatures!

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