Friday, October 1, 2010

WTNW: Airpirates!

Kaor Friends!

With WTNW: Conflict On Mars! away to the editor I've dived straight into the WTNW: Airpirates! supplement.  This supplement will offer Sailing Rules and rules for wind speed and direction as well as more in-depth boarding actions between the decks of massive flying ships and the history of the Airpirates and of Earthin. I am looking for some artists who are interested in getting their names out there.  At this time I really cannot pay for any contributions but I will put your name in the book and you will be on the ground floor of this new system.  I have had a lot of really good feedback about WTNW and I have taken all the comments, critiques and considerations into mind when putting Conflict on Mars and Airpirates together.  Future supplements will include scenario books and more in-depth looks at the forces and personalities of the Great Powers and of the world of WTWN.  Also on the back burner is the idea for turning WTNW into a RPG and a very lite skirmish game that would be very much like Samuari Skirmish.  I hope you like what I and others have labored to create and that you continue to sail into the Aether to seek adventure and fortune!

Attacking the British colony of Victoriana the German and Southern New Atlantic Colony forces mass outside of the gates...

The Germans ally with the Southern US against the North and British Colonies of Victoriana. In the background imported Venusian Bahmbugs are prepped by their Keepers for the upcoming battle against the Royal Martian Crown Forces.  Ubergeneral Hjalmar Kaus has set his sights on the Skiff factory and intends to capture the factory for his own war machine while Southern Brigade General Lande Lee has his eyes set on the textiles and munitions depots.  The small garrison of Royal Martian Crown Forces seem determined to keep the colony safe from the enemy and their forces.

The North American and Royal Forces

Vensian Bhambugs and a Lite Cruser Landkril class

Bhambugs attack the front line

An observation baloon is knocked out of the sky

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  1. Robert,

    Great background! You didn't leave anyone out, lol. I like the inclusion of Atlantis and
    the earth core inhabitants! You also have the Space 1889 type Martians as well as the
    HG Wells type....there is lots of scope for players here! It also fortuitously fits in rather
    well with the factions we've already established on our blog.

    I looked over the game mechanics (briefly) I like your mounting and facing system, another
    fortuitous point here as I was going from the classic VSF single mounting to the use of
    Peter Pig 3 man mounting stands which are quite close to your ideas here.

    I'll see if I can get the guys together for a a test game within the next 3 weeks,
    with photos and and game report to follow.

    Well Done!