Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rise of the Fallen Star - Surprise Counterattack!

Tonight's game used miniatures from the dnd line and Reaper and the Hexeden Keep map from Scrying Eye Games.  Tonight's game I messed up my map of Faerun with a blue vis a vis when I drew the borders for the Wolflord around the jungles of Chult.  Tonight's game was brought to you by the letter M.

Skeletons advance
 In Rise of the Fallen Star tonight as the party returned to Highmoon from attacking the Nightlord town of Steel they were surprise attacked at their base of operations by the people that ran in the previous game. They beat the undead, the Zhents and the ghasts commanded by the Mage and the Warforged, Rogue and Priest and Alcolyte of Bane. Before they were attacked a lot of roleplaying went on as the map of Faerun was placed under some Plexiglas and the oracle named Umbral told tales of where the other Necrolords might be hidden in their prisons. Some plans were made and plots consummated and the group started to wonder about the coming of Starfell, the Holiday in the solstice.
The party prepares their positions

The Zhents and the priest of Bane

Skeletal Archers take position on the wall

Ghasts attack from the flank!

The battle rages on!

Leana the Bard attacks with a spirital weapon!

Viet gets MAD that he lost his spell...

Lavindra Fireballs the Generals while DD the Monk pummels the Zhents

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