Friday, October 8, 2010

Review of the WoTC Dungeons and Dragons Tile Boxset - The Dungeon

I swung by my local FLGS today and while there I decided to go ahead and pick up the box set of dungeon tiles that I have been eyeing for a few weeks now.  I got it home and unwrapped it and noted that there are more tiles in the box than there are in a normal set of tiles.  I took my other tile set and compared and it was actually two times as many tiles!  In addition, the top and bottom of the box is made of the same cardboard and can be used as an elevated layer in the dungeon!  I am pretty impressed with the tiles too as this time they actually stuck to putting an image on one side and the normal basic dungeon tile on the opposite so you can make the dungeon as big or as small as you want.  Also, all the doors are both open and closed!  Just flip the tile over when your party opens the door and wala!  Also the box is only about 1/2 full so you can continue to store your tiles in the box.  Here are some pictures of what you get in the box for $20.00.  I still think that Srying Eye Games offers more tiles for your money but these cardboard tiles and the box are well worth the price!  Next I will do some reviews on Scrying Eye Games tiles and Piazo's tiles.

Top and bottom of the box lids

This set is bigger than normal

Entire dungeon

Tomb, stairs, reflecting pool, marble hallway, spells

Feast table, hall, study

Entire Set

My daughter Models the Dungeon

Opposite side

Opposite side

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  1. They look pretty good, I got the Starship interiors from Srying Eye Games and like the
    quality. If these are as good I'll pick them up!