Monday, October 25, 2010

Quiet!! I hear Charlie!

There's Charlie in that jungle

Here are a few pictures of the Vietnam game I setup in the game room yesterday and finished today.  Although there are no forces out other than the medivac chopper sitting on the Firebase, just imagine the grunts in the F/B as the VC stalk the nearby triple canopy jungle.  We just may very well use Warengine to run this time and will probably do both a historically actuate fiction and a 20mm US troops in Vietnam versus zombies and possibly Arachnids! I am also wanting to use this setup for an Ambush Valley game and finally an Unconventional Warfare game using some Mike Force to sweep and clear the jungle.

Firebase Stormlord

View from Mongoose "Cayuse"

View of water buffalo pen and the jungle

Paddy Fields

View of the Jungle from the Watchtower

Over the river and into the woods to Charlie's house we go!