Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Normandy - Alternate History (B17s and Tanks on the beach)

Allies Land
We played the Normandy game tonight Jer and my dad came over and we used the Rapid Fire rules with slight modifications to make the arty tables go quicker.  The game was a lot of fun.  The objective was the typical battle with the Allies trying to land on a defended beach but the twist was that they had German opposition in the form of Panthers and a Tiger II as well as the well entrenched fortified positions.  The Allied forces had a Sherman Aunt Jemima and an Infantry and Tank Battalion against a German Battalion of combined arms.
Jeeps pulling AT Guns

Round one had the Allies moving toward the beach with tanks capsizing and the LVT an LVP's taking heavy fire from machine gun nests on the beach.  The Allied destroyer and cruiser that were supporting the assault found some nice targets on the beach and hit a few bunkers but did little more than rattle the Germans. 

Round two the Allies landed some troops and lost a DUKK to heavy German fire. Unfortunately their HQ unit for the Battalion was in the DUKK but it and the engineers were able to make it to shore.  The tanks began landing behind the troops - Sherman Easy Eights and Chaffees.  The Germans began pounding the Allies as the Allied aircraft bombed the Germans from fighters and bombers.  Aunt Jamima was toast!

Initial Landing

Round three through five had the Germans dug in and well into taking damage and casualties as well as having a panther being knocked out by a lucky Allied shot of a 5 for pen followed by a 6 for damage (on a d6!)  The Germans responded with their Tiger II and 88s by destroying three Shermans.

By round six and seven the Allied forces had a secure beachhead and were penetrating further into the German defenses. Unfortunately the German in the east bunker were killed except for Franz who is on his way back to Cherburg to meet up with Greta his beloved pet rattlesnake.  The fact that the Allied commander was able to beat the Germans was a sad blow for German high command who although they had pulled their forces up into good positions were decimated by the Allied bombing and air attacks.

In the end the Allies stormed the German positions and after a bloody but brief close combat of a few rounds ended up with a secured beach head and began their march toward Germany....

A Tiger I model dubbing as a Tiger II

Call in the cavalry!  What B17?

Suddenly a giant hand reaches down and plucks up a US private

A B17 (didn't have them at Normandy) drops bombs

Bombs away

B17 finishes is run and kills two german in the HQ unit

Not one tank capsized.. Maybe they put something over the top for the waves!

Auntie doing her thang

Pershing.. yeah I know they didnt have these either

Look at that firing line :D

The allies move closer

Franz runs away from the buster bunker...

Panther taken out

The battle is closing


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