Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Forum

After some research I've found a free forum which I plan on using in conjunction with my blog.  I have linked the forum under the picture of the nice shiny steampunk goggles.  I pulled that image from steampunk empire without permission so if you or anyone from there does not wish me to use it let me know and I'll find something else.  For now though I've created several categories within the forum including When the Navy Walked, Nightlord Saga and a few generic ones as well.  Feel free to signup and start posting in the forum as well as here in the blog!

Also, I got some really great feedback from the guys over at 15mm VSF with regard to When the Navy Walked.  They will most likely be playing it soon and doing their own review.  Check out it if you have not already!  They have a great site.  Also be sure to keep an eye out for the great conversions Eli has been making over at ISLP and J's newest Aethergraph issue and photos over at VBiR.

Photo from John Carter of Mars (Used without permission)

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