Monday, October 11, 2010

Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds

Jeff Wayne's WoTW
My friend Sean turned me onto this last Monday when he came by and suggested that I paint the saucer light portion of my Martian War Machines (the ones that look like manta rays) with a dark green color.  I did and it looks marvelous I must say.  Now for this musical War of the Worlds.  I admit that I have only heard two of their songs Thunderchild and The Spirit of Man.  Both of them are in a full orchestra complete with synthesizer and rock n roll guitars.  The beats are awe inspiring and my imagination just runs wild when I listen to it.  I am going to use Jeff's pictures from his musical below but I think he'll be OK with it because I am really promoting his site.  As they say on the musical.

"The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one they said.  The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one, yet still they come!"

1953 version

If anyone knows where I can buy a dvd here in the states that will work on my dvd player please let me know.  I looked all over their site and only could find region two dvds although they do have cds and I will be picking those up.  In fact when I run WTNW at my next convention at Siege of Augusta in 2011 I will see if I can play the Spirit of Man before the game to get everyone in the mood.

I feel confident in highly recommending this musical just on the music alone from what I have heard.  The guitars are used for the Martian gas projectors and beams and the chanting of 'ahhhh' are the Martians, the drums give a nice beat and the strings and synth come together to make a great cosmic voyage.  It's so cool!


  1. Oh Man, you've got to lead into your game with 'The Eve of the War' - Richard Burton, as the Journalist, intoning, "No-one would believe ..."

  2. Ah that's it Eve of War not Spirit of Man! Thanks! It's the intro song!

  3. That would be the best intro to a WOTW type game!

  4. Yep. Say does anyone know if they have or are planning on making a region 1 dvd of the show? I have looked and looked but have not found one and I'd much rather buy one than have it ripped it possible to give Jeff the credit he deserves.