Friday, October 8, 2010

Introducing - The Gaal!

These are the green Martians.  They are bird-like humanoids who have light green skin and feathers for hair.  They do not have wings and use the fauna on Mars to battle against the Red Martians' flying ships.  They use large carnivorous birds as mounts as well in combat.  They are at a bronze age technology.

I converted some Macedonians for this purpose.  I tried to paint the helmets as the tops of their birdy heads and their plumage on the helmets made perfect representation for the birds.  These are old Greeks that my pop gave me that he had.  I have some cavalry for these guys too but I need to actually apply some green stuff or other putty to make the cavalry more Martian so I am going to add more legs and give them a beak.  What do you think?


  1. Great idea however FYI, the troops depicted are Macedonians not Roman.

  2. I thought they looked more Greek. He probably told me that they were Macedonians too but ah well I must have Romans on the brain.