Saturday, October 23, 2010

CoTS - Test of the Dark Ones (Halloween Episode!)

The party finds itself on a road between the world of the living and the dead...  Ahead is a large town bordered by farmlands, swamplands and a forest.  A bell tolls in the distance it's hollow ringing mournfully and somehow sad.

About thirty feet in front of the party a loan figure is seen standing in the middle of the road near the front gate to the town.  He is wearing light grey robes, has light brown hair and is of medium build.  He smiles sadly as he addresses the party his sing-song voice hollow but full of regret.

"Hello my friends and well met. I am Father Lakos of the church of Ezra. Our meeting is not chance and I regret that i bear dark tidings. Ahead is a large town where ye might find respite called Gannymeade once a powerful trading town now a ruin on the brink of starvation. Ye must move with haste and gather your forces!

Already I can hear the grave dirt stir, the circus of the damned moan, the count groan for the red drink, the doctor maddened by his hubris, the patch grow hungry for blood, the swamps cry for madness, the covens cackle and the town's morning as the Dark Tower grows cold upon the deserted place of souls. The terrible tune of dark secrets brings forth the final spasms from the well of death...

The Dark Ones have sought to test your mettle on this night of horrors. Tonight the realms merge and you will be tested against the darkness. Death's embrace shall make its mark with thirteen places of foreboding power guarded by fearsome horrors.

One by one ye must find the secrets of the gates and close them. Last ye enter the gates of Tarturus to return to the land of Kartakass.

If ye can find the keys and close the gates ye will be spared but unless ye can close all gates ye troubles will have just begun. Good luck friends may Ezra allow us to meet in the life after..."

(I will post pictures of the action after the game tonight! For now enjoy these pregame pics!)

Update:  The party made it through the game and closed all the gates and are now on their way back to Kartakass.  Sadly, Lance the Radient Sun of Lathander the Morninglord fell in battle versus the Master Vampire Dracula.  Dracula was defeated but only after he took quite the pounding from the party from magic and arrows.  The Pumpkin King, Ringmaster, Lizard Priests and Dr Frankenstein were all defeated...

Swamp of the Lizard Kings

Pumpkin Head

The Party Battles the Pumpkin Head

Swamp Fire Gate


Lizardmen guards

Battle with the Blackscale Lizardmen

Are we interrupting something?

Battle the Trogs!

Lance defeats a priest

    Kreek commands the croc

Carnival of Fear

The Ringmaster Directs the action

Frankenstein's Monster

Coven of Witches

Turn Lance and Grusk into Frogs

The Graveyard

Skeletons Summoned

Dracula makes an appearance

Lance feels Dracula's bite

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