Thursday, October 14, 2010

Burninating the Countryside

Me and my trusty Trodgor5000 are burninating the countryside but I wanted to ask your opinion on what you think of the Hobbit being filmed anywhere other than New Zeland? What? You haven't heard that Peter Jackson is considering moving the movie to another location after filming Hobbiton scenes?  Is it that the One Ring has caused Middle Earthers to become greedy and strike against the benevolent Peter Jackson who saved them from Animal Documentaries and Underpaying Tourists?  Could it be that Sauron has truly conquered all?  Curse that Gollum!

Comment, questions, concerns?? Share!  I'll be taking Trodgor5000 for a walk.  

Trogdor copywrite of Homestarrunner (great site) and Hobbit, Hobbiton, Middle Earth and Sauron copywrite of JRR Tolkien (though it SHOULD be public domain by now) and Peter Jackson copywrite Peter Jackson.

Trogdor goes Rural
Sing it with me "Burninating the countryside, burninating the peasants, burnanating all the people in their thatched roof cottages!  Their thatched roof cottages.. then trogdor comes in teh NIIIGHHTTT!"

Next up.. Trogdor versus Smaug


  1. No, consummate vees, consummate! Sheesh. You wouldn't know majesty if it bit you in the face.

  2. LOL, as a Kiwi with a lot of friends in the film industry, I find myself a bit internally divided over 'The Hobbit'. Would sure love to have it made here, but Kiwi actors and crews are seeing what their American compatriots get paid and are getting a little tired of being described as 'Mexicans with cellphones' as one American producer famously said.

    My take is that they'd like to be paid a little closer to US payrates, considering how much the movies are likely to make at the box office, but not so close as to scare the US producers off. The other side of the coin is that the "Lord of the Rings" movies got a fierce tax break down here, which no longer exists, and places in Central Europe have, in turn, offered similar breaks to get such a production in their country.

    In the end, the country that offers the producers the most will get the film and the Kiwi Actors' Union will get the blame and we'll go back to tugging our forelocks and thanking the tourists for coming to look at the ruins of Hobbiton.

  3. I personally hope they pay them more and keep Middle Earth right where it is so that I can take my kids and wife there.