Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Against the Heroes - Goat Island

Tonight the Against the Heroes who are now calling themselves The Nemesis Project went to return the Rod of Dancing Elves to their patron Galin.  Unfortunately when they arrived at the Dancing Nymph they found that Galin's room had been ransacked and that several of his possessions and he himself was missing!  

In the room they find cloth from the Zhents and a map with a dagger that bears the likeness of two entwined undead serpents, a symbol of the Cult of the Dragon!  The dagger is on the moonsea and is on an island called Goat Island.  The island is believed to be owned by a Thayan enclave represented by the Magus Cockatrice.  A mage symbol of the gnome called Gnarl the Dark, an artificer and general practicitioner from Lantan. 

Joker is enraged that his possession were stolen and as the party investigates further they find that the Red Orb that belongs to Joker has also been stolen as well as several books on airships. Working for Joker they seek passage on the Sea Martyr (Joker won it in a bet against a priest of Illmatter) and head to the island in the middle of the Moon Sea to recover their kidnapped patron.  The captain of the Sea Martyr weighs anchor and sets our party on a skiff toward Goat Island as a Thayan Merchantman approaches...

In this game we used ships from arsenale shipworks and maps from Scrying Eye Games and Paizo.

pregame view from tower

Up close of Thayan Merchant Ship

Red Wizard Skiff

Twisted Serpent Tower

Our "Heroes"

Thayan Merchant Ship - Keldyn's Fire

Airship "Beholder's Grace"

Kelden's Fire takes off

Party lands

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