Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Zulus are coming (and they have such wonderfully painted shields)

OK I so decided that it was time to do some painting on my buddy's zulu's.  So this morning I put paint brush to lead (technically pewter but some of these models are so old they might be lead) and started stroking away.  It took me only about an hour or so to get these guys ready to drybrush and line.  This is the base coat and you will notice paint spill over here and there.  I am not overly concerned with the extra fine detail on these guys as I think they look good painted up quickly and tossed on the table top en masse with hundreds of other zulus to make a giant mob (like they did in reality).  I briefly laughed today as I was painting this particular unit of Impis with a black and white patten on their shields as I thought "Here come the cows!  Oh my God there are thousands of them!"  As old Chamberlin says "Don't swear boys and shoot them in the flanks. We're having steak tonight!  God blessed us for bringing Jesus to these savages with meals on hooves."  Imagine the poor near sighted Chamberlin and the boy's dissapointment when the 'poor savages' show up behind the cow shields.... Then I remembered I was being utterly silly and though I shouldn't share this with my readers but felt what the heck and did it anyway.  At any rate here's the Impis Water Buffalo unit after stage two.  Enjoy!

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