Tuesday, September 21, 2010

WtNW: Conflict on Mars Sneek Peek (New Capital Unit and Terrain Rules)

This is a sneek peek from the up-coming WTNW: Conflict on Mars!

New Capital Unit (Behemoths)

• Behemoths do not have standard bases; each is represented by an individual model.
• Behemoths do not use formation rules.
• Walkers may not enter Difficult terrain; Flyers and other flying Capital Units may fly over it without penalty
• Behemoths may fire at multiple units by splitting its Shooting dice.
• Behemoths do not gain the advantage of cover.
• Behemoths are hit on a five or six by Ground Units and a four, five and six by all other units including Artillery.
• Behemoths receive two additional D6s against Ground Units and Artillery in Melee combat.
• Walkers may be the victim of sabotage; Flyers may not.
• Behemoths use the Creature Internal Hit table.
• Behemoths may use the Charge order.

Solar Winds
Solar winds are created by the radiation from the solar flares of the sun. Flyers, Airships, and Small Flying Units that enter Solar Winds are hit with a 3d attack other units are unaffected by the solar winds. These are represented by 4” diameter circles on the table and move in a random direction 2d each turn

Low Gravity
If agreed to before the game, as an optional rule players may double the shoot range of all weapons. This is due to the lower gravity on Mars.

Red Sand Storms
A Red Sand Storm is a freak occurrence and offers no forewarning before it strikes with hurricane strength winds throwing up tones of the fine Martian sand. A Red Sand Storm comes in three categories; a Category One Red Sand Storm is four inches in diameter and will disperse after three turns, a Category Two Red Sand Storm is six inches in diameter and will disperse after three turns and a Category Three Red Sand Storm is ten inches in diameter and will disperse after three turns. All Red Sand Storms, regardless of their Category will disperse after three turns and cause three dice of damage to all units within it causing hits as it if were a ground unit attacking. Once on the table, a Red Sand Storm moves randomly three dice in inches each turn until it moves off the table or dies whichever happens first.

Artwork of the new race by Eli Arndt

Balee (Beast People)
These average human sized bipedal men stand between 4’ and 5” tall and weigh about as much as a normal human. Their faces are elongated with large predatory eyes and large mouths. They have extended snouts that resemble the Martian Vorsn (Wolf Creature) but that are where the similarities to the Earth wolf ends the rest of the creature looks like some form of hideous orangutan They have sharp teeth and their canines are tusk-like curving from their mouths to end in sharp points. They have mottled skin of light and dark browns. The males of the species and the females are both extremely hairy. They live in packs of between 300-1000 individuals and have a technology that rivals the Ruan. They prefer gaudy clothing and a reminiscent of the Renaissance on Earth.


  1. These are not an exact match but with a bit
    of modification these might work:

    15mm12 - 5 figure Blarad combat team $5.00


  2. You know I know Stan pretty well and that brings up an interesting idea. I may have a guy to work with the larger landship/airship models and maybe I should contact Stan and see if he wants to do the same with the miniature line. I know he's been really busy and very successful with his Max Max style Deathrace game (which is a ton of fun btw) and not sure if he'd want to add another product line to his list of stuff. I'll have to shoot him an email and see.

  3. Stan is pretty easy to work with, I had a need for
    certain parts from his auto duel sets (just needed mini-guns from one set and rockets from another set) to do some conversion work. He ran them for me with no problem and more than a fare