Friday, September 24, 2010

WtNW: Conflict on Mars (First Draft Sent)

I just sent my first draft of WTNW: Conflict on Mars to my editor!  This is intended to be a supplement book that will contain a few extra rules for Martian combat such as skiff combat and some new edges and flaws.  It also has a brief overview of the history of the Overlords and a short description of the start of the current war on mars The Red Wars.

I am contemplating writing up several scenarios and including them in this book for the major battles and some of the more important skirmishes in the Red Wars but wanted to ask you guys what your thoughts were on that first.  Should I write up scenarios or leave the book with the fluff and the rules and let people make up their own?  I have included some sample armies in the back but the system is the same point build system and is intended to be easy to use and to create armies.

So I poll you my fine readers and fans of WTNW should I develop some scenarios in WTNW: Conflit on Mars or should I not?

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