Friday, September 17, 2010

What are you playing?

Many of you also play games on the internet or on game consoles as well as role play and play miniatures. I thought it would be fun to make a quick post polling my readers.  What are you currently playing?  What's your favorite game right now?


  1. Currently playing Mario Galaxy 2, And Yet it Moves and Sports Resort on the Wii which are also my favourite games at the moment being. Easy, simple and fun!

  2. Blitkrieg Commander on the tabletop and Men of War on the PC.

  3. Warhammer (40K, FB), Kings of War, and Castle Age on Facebook. My wife is playing Starcraft II, but I don't get to play it.

  4. RPG: We're playing 40k Deathwatch using the Starblazer Adventures FATE rules.

    Tabletop: Sheesh, we play a little of everything; Hordes of the Things and Strange Aeons mostly as of late.

    Console: A few franchises; Halo, Mass Effect, Dragon Age

    Boardgames: Small World, Descent

  5. I have never gotten the opportunty to play Descent but I have always wanted to. Small World is a wonderfully addicting game!