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The True Story of Shylitheria - Genesis and Typhoneus

After some debate, I have decided to bring back Shylitheria - my campaign world.  I may one day publish it either using my own rules or using the 3.5 SRD (OGL).  At this point I am more interested in sharing the storyline with my readers.  In addition, I will be trying to locate any of my old contributions to ezines the Slyvian Trumpeter and several others.  If any of you have my former submissions please email me them so that I might put them here on ACG. Thanks! 

What follows is a very brief description of the creation of the sun and the solar system as well as the Elder Dragons - the first guardians of Shylitheria.  In Shylitheria there is law and chaos and the lines of Good and Evil are kept in balance with the will of those who know how to channel.  Channelers or as they are known in Shylitheria - Arcanists - are at a very precarious place as they are more powerful than normal wizards and arcane casters (who only reach level 5 spells) but run the risk of suffering mana shock.  The plus side is that Arcanists can create their own spells but they channel the literal life essence of magic to do so.  I will post the Arcanist and other classes of my own design in future blog posts.

The True Story of Shylitheria
Genesis of a New World
The true history of Shylitheria, or how the sages of old tell it goes something like this although some tend to ramble as I am doing now but do not let that trouble you as many are the words of wisdom of the sages of old of which I am one. In the great void of space where nothing existed except that which the supreme beings willed something wholly wonderful and terrible was happening at the very same time. A paragon being of supreme intellect and superior knowledge floated in the great comic void until it arrived at the exact spot in space and time it meant to. There, using its will alone it created for itself a body – hands, arms, legs and a massive head to house its enormous brain. With one massive hand that stretched several eons it reached out and pulled on the fabric of the universe until it tore. From the tear a bright essence that it deemed light began to pour forth in large gouts.

Spreading its arms wide, the being started to gather up the light unto itself. When the gathering was complete, the being closed the tear and began to spin in huge circles until the light had formed a ball. Once it had formed the ball the being again stretched for though the cosmos, reaching its other hand as far as it would go it pulled forth more fabric of the universe. This fabric the being began to toss back between its two massive hands until there came forth a scorching heat. This it deemed fire and it threw it at the ball of light, setting it ablaze and spreading warmth throughout the void. It called the ball of light Austra Zolar for it was the first light.

Satisfied with its creation of light and fire it clapped its hands and created stardust. The being gathered together the stardust and gave it form. From the form it called matter the being created a chain of twelve circular spheres of differing size and set them in motion around the sun.

The Creator took hold of each sphere and in turn and formed valleys and peaks across their surfaces and imbued them with energy and unique characteristics the Creator named magic. It released the spheres again to circle Austra Zolar and took a moment to reflect upon its greatness. The spheres, which floated around Austra Zolar, were named Planets. Seeing that one side of the planet was always light and the other side of the planet was always dark, the Creator set them to spin. The being said let there be light and let there be an expanse between lights and called it darkness. This was the first day.

Taking stock of creation revealed several truths that the Creator made – energy can be forced to take form create light and create motion but purpose was left undefined. In order to give purpose to creation energy and motion were combined with the only constant that exists. The Creator took a bit of its own essence and imbued this into the matter to create life. With life comes purpose and cause for creation – to serve the Creator through his emissaries.

The matter gathered and imbued was unable to contain the power of the Creator’s essence alone and split into thirteen different forms created by the Creator. These forms were tasked with finishing what the Creator had started – existence.

Creation of the Elder Dragons

With the world now created, the omnipotent one desired guardians for its magnificent creation. For these guardians forms it gave them giant winged serpentine bodies. For life it gave them each some of the very essence and the spark of curiosity and something new – choice. With the blessing of its being these creatures each had the power of creation and the will to know the goals of it and all they would create in Shylitheria.

These guardians he named Elder Dragons for they were wise and crafty. Thirteen were created and they were called thusly: Typhoneus, Amphisbaena, Leviathan, Tatzlwyrm, Jormungand, Cecrops, Wyne, Bisterne, Phyrgian, Aionian, Ekhidna, Kampe and Skylla. They were then sent down to the world to create new life and ordered to keep the balance of good and evil, law and chaos. Then their maker vanished leaving its guardians to watch over Shylitheria and to continue in its stead.

The Elder Dragons – The First

Typhoneus went north and there he created the frozen lands known as Naharlli. He inhaled deeply and blew forth a mighty gust of his icy breath to cover all the lands in thick snow and ice. The trees he made small and whip-like, bearing fruits of pinecones and small acorns – thus he created spruce, pine and needle thick trees. He made plants tough and their roots grew long and deep into the frozen snow beneath to withdraw their nutrients. The roots grew deep also to withstand the cold and frozen windy winters.

He flew to the top of the highest mountain in his domain and stomped proudly, here the ice melted and formed a great icy lake. Strange fish with fur coats populated this lake, as did large more aggressive fish, shark - like and predatory. Eventually the lake became too full with the chill waters and from this lake came a massive river that tumbled down all his lands and ended in the sea.

Seeing that most of his lands were mountains of ice he called glaciers and hills of snow he called tundra, Typhoneus was happy with his creation. Next he moved on to the creatures that would inhabit his lands and those were just as rugged as the lands they were to inhabit.

The lake proved to Typhoneus to be the best place to start life in his domain and so it was called Winter Mountain. Here he created the wooly rhinoceros, a huge creature with thick-shaggy hair that fed on the meager plant-life of the region. The Martok, a slow addled-brained animal with large tucks jutting out of its head and spines for protection, this creature has a diet of fish and slow moving animals. The Talik, a giant whitish legless snake-like creature that has a massive head filled with razor sharp teeth and posses a keen intellect to track down its prey was among some of the more interesting creatures created by Typhoneus.

Once he was done he stomped hard on the ground once more throwing up shards of ice and large amounts of snow into the sky and creating the first snowfall since has it ever snowed and hailed in the icy regions of the north. Triumphant with his creation, Typhoneus once again ascended to his mountain home high atop Winter Mountain.

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