Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The True Story of Shylitheria - Amphisbaena and Leviathan

The Elder Dragons – The Second
Amphisbaena descended towards the middle of the world and she shook her body until there was a harsh breeze that leveled the land. She then flew up high and came crashing down into the land making a vast inner sea. The land she filled with rivers and lakes and from the waters grew lush jungles and vast floodplains. In the seas she created giant reptilian creatures with mighty fins to propel themselves ever forward possessing huge maws filled with rows of small razor sharp teeth. She also created mighty reptilian beasts that she named Terrible Lizards or Dinosaurs. She called the land Tegobi, meaning fertile valley of reptiles.

Some of these dinosaurs were as small as a chicken with the intelligence to match and yet some were as huge as castles possessing instinct alone. She gave them mighty names such as triceratops, pterodactyl, tyrannosaurus and brachiosaurus to name but a few. She also created the mammals of the land – the mighty elephants, stripped zebras, thick-hided rhinoceros, noble lions, cunning and vigilant crocodiles and lightning fast gazelles.

Her greatest achievement in the dinosaurs was the Gaxdrinix. This supreme hunter of the other dinosaurs possesses a frighteningly keen intellect and is big and fast. The Gax stands forty feet tall and grows to thirty feet long, has two rows of masticating teeth and is covered in a feathery leather hide. They are mostly bipedal but are able to go down on all fours and run at amazing speeds when hungry or threatened. The Gax terrorizes the other dinosaurs but does an amicable job of keeping the flocks trimmed – even the flocks of the T-Rex.

The Elder Dragons – The Third
Then Leviathan went forth unto the world and created the fertile plains of Areaneth. Giant mountain ranges filled with fast moving rapids brought the nutrients of his mountain home to the vast fertile plains and thick woodlands of his region. Where the rivers met the plains and forests they slowed, creating mighty waterways of swamplands and marshes teeming with life.

Next he went down to the plains. Here he filled the lands with conifer trees and plants and animals that thrived on the fertile flood plains and lowlands. Among those created was the horse, a noble animal like Leviathan who raced across the plains in search of their favorite foods. A strange created called a prairie dog was also made to watch over the lands. Quick to alarm and fierce these small dog-like creatures live in burrows under the ground.

He then went to the woodlands and made creatures that could survive there. Among them are the deer a quick fawning and skittish creature they prefer to be in herds for protection against carnivores. He created large packs of wolves. These beasts are cunning and fierce and are able to bring down large groups of deer and other game animals.

When he completed his work Leviathan went back to his mountain range. He is still there, perched and watching over his domain where he floats form one peak to the next, unseen by mortal eyes.

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