Sunday, September 19, 2010

Talk Like Pyrate Day

Here we be when all the lubbers try an talk like real a for mentioned pirates.  The only problem is that when he wrote Treasure Island he picked up the cogny accent and some sailor's.  This is what he got.

Ima soon needin ta tell ya a tall tale fer ye be sure ta listen or the pikes o the depth of hell won't catch yer dreams from the screamin ye'll be doin as yer being flogged ya lubber! Most ye lubbers don kne it but Armchairgeneral here is yer real honest to get pirate re-enactor. 

True right knaw we don do much on account o the lil one parlayin her best way outta the lockup in me wife's tummy but as soon as the swab comes out we'll be doin mer o pirating.  Some o the groups ta which I belong and pirate with are the St Augustine Swashbucklers, Pirates and Privateers; the Brothers of the Coast and few me the one which a started it all the Dead Pyrates Society.  Ah don ferget that I'm a benefied member o the International Fellowship of Pirates and Rogues and a member of The Pirate Guild.

So soon shall Morgan McAdams be headin ta the ship ta bring doom, dispair and a bit o bad grammer ta the waters offa Jacksonville and St. Augustine.  Soon shall we be brinig the lil swabs and teachin them the arts o pirating.  Plunder and treasure booty and all sorts of other neat pirating phrases await as we capture the forts and ransack our way ta the pirate life. 

So happy talk like a pirate day ye lubbers.

Capt. Morgan Finnigan McAdams
Privateer HMS Leprechaun

This is me saucy wench and lil ens.  Be careful mate that ye talk her sweet like or I'll have ta cut yer tongue out and serve it with butter ta Davy Jones!

Some of me crew...  The Crew of the Cutthroat Titans, Cursed Few, the Brothers of the Coast and the Swashbucklers!


Ifn yer ever in St Aarrgustine visit the Black Raven.  Her Captain and crew have made us feel welcome and at home (and we get to do promos and the like with her -the ship- all the time)!

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