Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Storm - The Forgotten pt II

For this game we used Scrying Eye game's Subterrain: The Sewers set.  The set worked very well for us.  I placed it under the plexi glass like ususal.  I usually put a chessex or other type of mat underneath the tiles so they do not shift.  In this case I forgot my chessex mat at home.  I highly recommend putting down the chessex mat so when the map shift it does not move the actual pieces.  All of James' map tiles are highly detailed and are a lot of fun to use with Pathfinder, Call of Ctuhlhu or any other system you want.  I am actually designing a miniaure based zombie game that will use the roads to nowhere set.  Check out his product on my links.  He's also in the process of doing a special layout for WtNW: Core 2 (out now) and the Martian Supplement (out soon!).

Kirr the 1/2 Orc Barbarian, Guy the Rogue, Alabast the Sorcerer and Aurora the fighter conitnued into the Sunless Citadel where they found magic treasures including a magical sword that was the bane of all outsiders, potions, and other parts of the Bonedemon wizard's collection. 

Down the widest corridor they find a chamber with two coffins.  One is labeled Myrkul God of the Dead and the other is labeled Melengel.  No one is sure who the second is but the Cleric Morgan states that Myrkul was slain in the Avatar Wars (Great Series written by the fine folks who put Faerun together) and that Melengel was one his many lovers.  The coffins are empty.

A ladder leads down to an inner sanctum wherein are holy and unholy texts worth hundreds of gold but they are left in their cases by our heroes their illuminated and damning texts remainded undisturbed.  Vestments of the priests of Torm and of priests of Myrkul alike hang in the closet.

Then they find a ladder leading into the pits below.  An old sewer system under the Citadel. The sewer water is about hip high and the celing of the sewer low. In the darkness, they battle through the sewers fighting zombie dogs and undead to reach the chamber of the babbling flesh amorphus ooze known as The Forgotten one.  A Chaos Beast worshipped as a god by many called Chignarok.  The beast's cry when heard would cause them to become weak in the mind as they lost wisdom of their past. The party charges in and a brave battle ensues in which several members almost succumb to the call of their flesh and melt into piles of nothingness as Chignarok's claws and mouths rip at their flesh and tear at their very structure.  The chaos spawn also attack the party and Ibixian worshippers with crossbows fire into the melee.  "You cannot kill a god" says one of the worshippers.  "Your god is nothing more than a pile of flesh" echos Alabast followed by Guy's taunt of "We will carve him up and place his pieces in the River Styx." and Aurora's might swing of her magic greatsword splits the creature with a final death blow from Kirr.

As the battle comes to a climax one is heard "You die first Kirr the Barbarian" and a shadowy figure with a poisoned light crossbow fires from above at the top of the exit to the chamber "Zarnal always gets his man" and vanishes in a shadowy embrace.  Meanwhile Kirr struggles with the poision of death fast flowing through his veins as the darkness begins to consume him...  He awakens, weakened but alive somewhere between life and death in the Sunless Citadel.


  1. you forgot alabast and guys epic shots

  2. I must say that was probably the best session yet.

  3. Epic? Funny. Kirr charged in and wacked away on that fleshy goo a couple times, as well as cleaving out 3 or 4 of his Ibixians... leave the epic shots (and alchoholic shots) to the pro's boys....