Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rise of the Fallen Star - Through the Fire...

The company emerges from the Fae realms into the unknown as they return to Faerun through the Black Obelisk.  They must battle through a pillar of fire and its fire guardian to claim the treasure and return to the desert that was once the township of Wardryed having been turned into a desert by the Nightlord and his armies. 

The party is reunited with Baronete Natoth as they battle the minions of flame to escape the guardian.  Tiles courtesy of scrying eye games.

Our heroes emerge from Fairy...

They find a room with a pillar of fire and battle the fire elemental creatures.  After the battle they read the riddle on the walls.

A lock with an eight key combination written in undercommon with the number written in Netherese, an ancient tongue of fallen mages.

"Only by saving yourself three....Pass through the one way...Through the fourth gate... Into the eighth fire...will the final way reveal two your doom..."

They emerge from the door to find a treasure room!

The entire Black Obelisk complex..

The guardian engulfs the party... A Huge fire elemental!  Lavindra casts enervation taking away some of its flame and Leah the bard attacks with her sword dealing double frost damage!  The fire elemental attacks back, causing massive damage to Lavindra's followers and some damage to DeDe and the Bard. 

Lavindra makes a leap of faith across the chasm of magma as Greya leaps in the opposite direction toward her freedom.  The elemental springs from the magma slamming into Lavindra tossing her to the shoreline and slams into her dealing massive fire damage to her stone skin..

A final parting shot from the elemental after it was defeated is tossed into the treasure room melting some of the gold gems and fine art it was protecting...  The party still made out with most of the treasure however.

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