Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Nightlord Saga - The Prophecy of the Sword of Oberon

Last night the Rise of the Fallen Star heard a prophecy while at the Seelie Court of Fey.  The prophecy was given by King Arahun, King of Wind and his consort the Queen Nesarfa, Queen of Nature and Seasons.  I have explained to everyone how the campaigns are intertwined and that everything everyone does has some impact on the overall storyline.  This is meant to be an epic adventure where you can truly weave your character's stories into the game.  I hope you enjoy the prophecy and can see where this story is going.


"The Darkness will continue to grow and devour the Dalelands in Night.  Over the next five years the one who was awoken will Rule with Shadow and Death.  Those who Harp and those Goodly men and women of Faerun will fight the Lord of the Night but many will die in bloody wars as the Darkness consumes the independent kingdoms around the Dales. 

On the seventh  year, Heroes will come bearing the Sword of Kings wrought by Ancient Fey Magic, the 'Culdun de Sanguine'.  When brought to the Future King of the Dales will strengthen the small pockets of resistance hiding in the outskirts and the banner of hope will be with Battledale and Deepingdale.  Slowly the Darkness will begin to recede and be pushed back into the Ancient Forest of Cormanthor into his prison where agents of his brother The Great Wolflord who having been delivered his lost love from The Heroes Six has united under the banner of the Future King. 

The Future King will bring the Daleslands a new great ruler and the Darkness will be locked away for many more years...  Already agents and heroes have been dispatched to the Lands of Dread to recover items from the Bardic Kingdom of Kartakass locked in shadow for a thousand years, heroes have traveled beneath the land to the Palelands to where the Sunless Citadel has been hidden from light for centuries to recover hidden magics.  A Storm is coming and soon all of Faerun will be rocked by a Dragon Flight as agents of Darkness work against the plans of the heroes some desiring fame and fortune other's with lust filled hearts plunder the kingdoms with their Liege Lord of Night.

Seek ye great heroes the Land known as the Blasted Kingdom from where heroes seldom return. Seek a place where magic has been torn and the tears of Mystra weep for the lost Weave.  Seek that place where the Weave of Magic is the most volatile.  Seek the Ruins of Myth Drannor and deep inside you will find the power to turn back the Darkness from the Fallen Star."


  1. you forgot alabast and guys epic shots

  2. You can tell about it and your epic shots were very good indeed. I provide a brief overview If you want to do a play by play feel free. It's the other post though after this one.