Sunday, September 5, 2010

Letter from Lady Baronete Lavindra

Here are some pictures from the Rise of the Fallen Star's last game where they battled through the Fae Courts and had to proove to the Goblin King they were worthy of being called equals in the Arena!  These maps are Scying Eye Games.

Viet an Rawr battle the Ettin Grognoc while the Goblin King of Fae watches on with bloodthirsty anticipation...

This is a letter for the Rise of the Fallen Star group written by the Elf that seperated from the group when they went to visit the Unseelie Court in the hopes of securing information to defeat the Nightlord.

Lavindra paused and rubbed the bridge of her nose, she was tired and was just finished the letter to Queen Brennon as well to her friends. The small tent was spartan at best. She didn't allow for many luxuries, not for the commission she was given. “Eventually”, continued to be her mantra.

Taking a long drink from the watered down wine, Lavindra grimaced and set it down, it had been ages since she had real wine, but she insured her men enjoyed what luxuries she managed to come across first. Her 'children' as she called them, originally were the men and women she had been assigned to help her kill the secret agents of Vecna.

Where she may have once, so long ago, considered them nothing but tools, like the creatures she summoned. Lavindra had matured, her tools were no longer such, but loyal allies to assist her as she needed. Just like her children, they had to be protected at all costs.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she doubted even her own friends would recognize her.

She looked once again at the letter she had penned and accepted that her friends would either understand it, or bring it to her for her to patiently explain.


If you are reading this, it means that you have returned from the Queen of the Unseelee court, either with information usable against the Nightlord, or at the very least, your skins and souls intact. Master Greenspree will be able to give you this letter and Eza will guide you back to me. However, if Eza is no longer there, that will mean I have fallen and you will instead report to Queen Brennon.

The two years I have been gone and the three which you have been removed from Toril could not have been worse timing. Thus I give you bad news and worse.

First, the bad news.

In the two years we were gone. Either Nightlord or his agents freed his brothers, it matters little who did it, only that once they were awakened, the Dalelands were lost. The Harpers had attempted to stop them, however, the result is still the same. Only Battledale and Deepingdale are left uncontrolled though heavily contested.

Lady Brennon is now Queen of Deepingdale, Lord Ulric fell in battle to the Bonelord, one of the brothers of the Nightlord. The report I was given, warned that one of the Seven Sisters was with him at the time of his death. They were both protecting a town to give it time to evacuate. Priests were despirate to protect their remains, but the only survivor of that expidition reported that Lord Ulric and Dove Silverhand are both now one of the Nightlords minions.

The Dragonqueen was another casualty of the war. One of her personal guard arrived to warn Queen Brennon that the Cult of the Dragon struck at her with several enslaved dragons. I am told he looked at deaths door and refused any aid before he left. There has been no word from the Dragonqueen and all attempts to determine her fate have met with disaster. He did give us the name of the individual responsible for the order to destroy her eggs.

Knight of the Fallen Queen, at present time, you are the last. As it would appear a concerted effort by the cult has been to remove any and all vestiges of the Dragonqueen.

Deedee, your homeland has fared rough, but still weathered the storm. It still remains, though and they will be glad for your return.

Now for the worse news.

Several temples dedicated to Lathlander fell in a single night. The reports are from questioning the remains of the fallen, a single rogue priestess of Sharess led the assaults. More troubling, the priestesses of Sharess are no longer to be found. We do now know if this means that they have sided with the Nightlord or have been ordered to move elsewhere.

The temple dedicated to Oghma was destroyed, all of its works inside, lost. Reports from the survivors that an uncommon trio of a deep gnome rogue, a gnome wizard and a bound immature Glabrazu led the assault on the location. They succeeded in removing several sacred artifacts, including the book of True Names.

Even more disgusting, is the overly prevelant use of infernal machinery. Its as if Gond went insane and ordred his followers to work with Baatazu and Tanari, to learn the most vile methods in working their new wonders, large constructs of which have not been seen before walk amongst their armies. Many have been lost to those machines.


There are no more heroes of old. Eliminster, Kelbin and the others of their ilk are either dead, missing, or no longer care for Toril and have chosen to allow it to fall.

I look forward to welcoming each of you.

Lady Lavindra D'rin, Baronet of Deepingdale.

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