Thursday, September 23, 2010

House Rules for playing with Redshirts and Secondary Characters

I was discussing the idea of allowing players to have multiple characters today over dinner and later with another friend after I got back to the hotel and came up with the following ideas.  I am thinking that in the Rise of the Fallen Stars game that I might allow the players to pay 1000 exps to get a Secondary character.  The character would following the regular rules plus the ones outlined below and would in effect be a backup/secondary character.  All experience point awards would go to the player and not the character.  The player could put the experience in whatever character they want.  The Extra would not be given exps and would basically be the new rules for followers since one of the players has taken the Leadership feat.  What are your thoughts?  This is a work in progress and may work better for a Call of Cthluhu, Gurps Horror or Vagabond game than Pathfinder or DND but here's the Dnd/Pathfinder rules that I have come up with.

Stars, Action Heroes and Extras
House Rules for playing with Redshirts and Secondary Characters

Each player may only have one Star and one Action Hero at a time.  A player may have any number of extras.  A player may only have one character on scene during the game and may not switch between the characters during a combat scene as the character is assumed to be off screen or in the background.  A player may not share information or treasure with other characters that they are playing.  When an Action Hero or Extra dies or is removed from the game their treasure cannot be divided among the party and is removed from the game as well.  Experience points are awarded to the player and not the character.
There are three categories of characters.

·         Stars - This is your primary character and the one that you will put the most time into.  This character is not limited and follows the normal rules in the game.  You will want to write up a detailed background on your Star and create the character using the standard rules.  Roll 4d6 and drop the lowest for each stat rerolling all results of one.   A star can never be on scene when you are playing your Action Hero or an extra.

·         Action Heroes – This is your secondary character.  You will want to write a brief background describing your Action Hero and create the character using the standard rules.  All stats start at 10, roll a 1d10, and divide the roll among the attributes.  Your Action Hero must always be at least three levels lower than your Star and may never advance above three levels lower.  If your Star dies then your Action Hero can be promoted to a star automatically when you purchase an Action Hero slot for so many 1,000 xps.  A secondary character can never multiclass but they may take one prestige class if they meet the requirements.   An Action Hero can never be on scene when you are playing your Star or an extra.

·         Extras – These characters are meant to be the extras of the story.  Extras will face monsters and they will perish.  An extra rolls a d20+1d8 for everything and only requires a one paragraph explanation of the character.  Extras do not have levels and do not advance.  All followers taken under the leadership feat are extras. An extra has no feats and is limited in their spell selection/casting.  An Extra has a number of hit points equal to 1/3 the level in d6s of the star.  Thus an Extra who's player star is an 10th level character rolls 3d6 for their hit points.  An extra is considered to be 1/3 the level of the Star for purposes of spell casting.  

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