Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Against the Heroes - The Rod of Dancing Elves

The party of malcontented mischievous misanthropes snuck into the Cathedral of Renewal, a large temple dedicated to Lathander the Morning Lord to retrieve an item for the pale one known as Galen, The Rod of Dancing Elves.  The party spent many hours attempting to find the best way to break into the temple and came up with several devious plans including swinging across from roofs of nearby houses, sneaking through the sewers, causing a disruption using alchemical bombs, walking in the front door and sneaking into the Abby.  They sent Ambrose and Shadow along with Shar the panther to go scout out the area.  A nearby cemetery offered little hope of egress and the hotel called the Laughing Canticle across the street provided equally well protection to the temple.  In the end they went with circumstance and chose the sewer route.  Shadow and Shar went through the Abby and met their companions below in the catacombs underneath where the temple lay upon the ruins of something as Galen put it "Older than the Elves".

This is the outline of the temple complex that I drew for the group.  One square = 20ft.

Once inside the party found an alcove dedicated to all the goodly aligned gods of Faerun and were almost crushed to death by the trapped spiked ceiling. They found the gears to the trap outside of the room and Thaddius, Match, and Ambrose spent some time drawing up the complicated design of the machine and attempting to figure out what else in the Abby that the thing controlled.

Down a short hallway and inside of the next room they found four boxes with large stone lids.  Inside the boxes was nothing.  Ambrose jumped into one of the boxes and Liza and Match watched on with curiosity as when they opened the box he was no longer there.  (Ambose found a room with four pedestals that had four keys on them).  The keys were used later to open the sarcophagus that contained the remains of someone and the Rod of Dancing Elves.

The hallway ran into a mechanical vane that when moved would open a passageway.  Thaddius attempted to get through the passage but was stopped when one of the cherub statues on the vane came to life and slew him.  Ertu brought Thaddius back from death claiming that his tasks were not yet done and his contract was not yet up...  The cherubs were slain in a blaze of fire and as the passages all opened and Thad stood there with his eyes dark set pupils in black orbs his tattoos of gias and of his contract written in Abyssal flaring to black flame on his skin.  He stood there and shouted "Just a minor setback!"

The imps were the cherub statues.

The next room contained a reliquary of bones and a censure in which the tears of Illmatter were poured by Ambrose (who got them from the statue of Illmatter that he failed to tell anyone about).  The next room had a fire pit and guardians of flame which were defeated by the party and led into a room with three tables that had three locks resting on the table.  Ambrose took the locks.

"Come inside foul demon spawn so that we might smite you in the name of the Holy gods!"  An angelic voice boomed from inside the next hall as brilliant illumination revealed the hall to be filled with paladins, living statues of the gods and an archon.  After a brief stalemate the battle was on!  The Angel who was called Maueli kept back as the paladins charged forward attempting to smite evil.  Shadow and Shar along with Ambrose and Match stepped up and were backed by the power of Thad and his Elidron and the cleric Ruby who used her healing blasts to great effect during the combat.  In the end Maueli fell but not before he used his Holy Lighting Sword of Chaotic and Evil Bane almost took Shadow through two very strong hits from the living statues and a few well placed crossbow and sword swings into the gnomes Match and Ambrose.  "You defeat me but Light will overcome Darkness."

The coffin had three locks on one side that were all locked and four places for locks on the opposite side.  When the correct keys were used and placed and the correct locks were used and placed the coffin opened to the opposite side revealing the occupant (some forgotten king - "K'lav") and The Rod of Dancing Elves.

A small unit of demons was seen attacking the temple as the party left the battle and snuck back into the darkness of the night...

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