Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Nightlord Saga

Some people have asked me about who is in the games and how they all fit together.  In this blog you can see how they fit together in some ways by reading the storyline as it goes. You can also listen to the podcasts from my blog on archive.org.  Here is a brief overview of all the dnd games I currently run.

*The Chronicles of the Six *
Six would-be heroes from Forgotten Realms have battled the evils of the Realms and now find themselves in Ravenloft (will they return to their beloved Silverymoon?) (Bi-weekly on Saturday night - 6 people) 
Featuring PCs: Ariadnie Moonshadow (Moonelf Mage), Grusk (1/2 Orc Monk of Kelemvor), Daldoth (Mountain Orc Fighter/Barbarian of Gruumsh), Kreek Eveningstar (Gold Elf Ranger), Quia (Chultan Fighter), Father Lance (Cleric and Sun Devotee of Lathander).
System: DnD 3.5

*The Rise of the Fallen Star* 
Together the heroes join with the legendary forces of the Realms as they become Dragon Agents and arpers
and have to take on the Nightlord. (Bi-weekly on Tuesday Afternoon - 6people) 
Featuring PCs: Fawylnn (Moonelf Fighter), Viet (Wild Dwarf Druid), Lavindra (Moonelf Mage/Celestial Channeler), DeDe (Shield Dwarf Monk), Greya (Rogue), Lynne (Bard/Cleric)
System: Pathfinder

*Against the Heroes* 
A band of deviously malcontented villains travel together to make a quick buck.. no matter the cost.. Most recently they have unleashed one of the twelve necrolords upon Faerun (The Nightlord). (Bi-weekly on Tuesday Afternoon - 4 people. We have two slots available). 
Featuring PC's: The Shadow (Monk), Ruby (Tiefling Cleric of Elven goddess of seduction), Thaddius Watt (Gnome Summoner), Ambros (Gnome Rogue).
System: Pathfinder

*The Storm* 
A band of reluctant heroes travel together toward Tilverton but find themselves working for a strange woman named Anita who seems to know more than she leads on as they find themselves deep in the Sunless Citadel. (Once or twice a month on Friday - 5-8 people.)
Featuring PC's: James (Mage), Kirr (1/2 Orc Barbarian), Guy (Rogue), Aurora (Archer), Jonathan (Fighter), (host of others).
System: DnD 3.5

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